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Israel, the Church, & the Last Days

Israel, the Church, & the Last Days

Kieth Asher Intrater
Dan Juster

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As the last days approach, Dan Juster and Keith Intrater present an optimistic view for believers around the world. A restoration of the Body of Christ is beginning to take place as the church asserts her unity, power, gifts and begins to establish the five fold ministry as found in the example of the first century church. What is the key element for the Church in these last days as she asserts her power? Establishing a saved remnant of Israel. How does one help establish a saved remnant, especially a saved Jewish remnant?
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About Kieth Asher Intrater

Kieth Asher Intrater is the pastor of El Shaddai, a Messianic Jewish congregation, and serves as principle of Montgomery County Covenant Academy, a Christian junior-senior high school. He holds a B.A. degree from Harvard College, an M.A. from Baltimore Hebrew College, and an M.M.S. from Messiah Yeshiva. Keith and his wife Betty live with their three children in Frederick, Maryland. His messages combine an emphasis on covenant relationships, word of faith, and a Jewish perspective of the Scriptures.

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