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Larry Sparks: "A Tribute to Myles Munroe"

While many remember Dr. Munroe for delivering exceptional teaching on topics such as purpose, potential, vision, praise and worship, leadership, and even relationships, perhaps no revelation has attracted more attention—and thus, has been more integral to the shifting of the landscape of the church—as his message on the Kingdom of God. 

In this respect, Dr. Munroe served as a pioneer and prophetic voice, summoning the church to lift up its eyes, and start embracing its heavenly inheritance now instead of just holding out for the afterlife. 

In commemoration of a year since his home-going, it is worth noting that Dr. Munroe was a key figure when it came to herald- ing the Gospel of the Kingdom. From the release of his ground- breaking book, Rediscovering the Kingdom, onward, Dr. Munroe laid out a revelatory biblical blueprint for what the fullness of the Gospel looks like. Certainly, these thoughts attracted both enthusiastic acclaim and reactionary antagonism, as he was calling Christians to question whether or not they were actually walking in the fullness of what Jesus described as “the gospel of the kingdom” (Matthew 24:14). Perhaps many believers assumed they were experiencing the zenith of their Christian lives; Dr. Munroe was a voice calling them to never settle, never quit, and constantly press in for the “glory to glory” journey about which apostle Paul wrote. 

From the truth-saturated pages of his Kingdom book series to the intense international speaking schedule that he kept, Dr. Munroe made a concentrated effort to call the global church upward to embrace the holistic message of the Kingdom. It was not a message merely intended to be enjoyed in the afterlife—it was a call for Christians to embrace a new identity and become trans- formational agents on earth. It was about discovering the culture of Heaven and seeing as much as possible of that Kingdom culture enter into and transform present conditions. 

While many in the Evangelical church long ascribed to a “Gospel of Heaven,” where an individual prays to experience salvation in Christ and thus receive his or her eternal clearance to enter Heaven one day at death, Dr. Munroe’s messages opened eyes and ears to the “more” of God that was available here and now. 

He made it his life’s quest to help people experience and enjoy the fullness of their salvation in Christ. This came through discovering their purpose, unlocking their potential, and walking the earth as Kingdom citizens, fueled by Heaven’s vision. Perhaps one of the most profound quotes from Dr. Munroe is the most haunting: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose.” This truth is what gripped him to boldly proclaim the message of the Kingdom of God, as it gave Christ-followers hope for a life of vision and purpose, while still living on earth. 

Even though there were leaders who preached the Kingdom message prior to Dr. Munroe, he truly was Heaven-sent to the contemporary church as a prophetic voice calling for reformation. 

Dr. Munroe now stands among the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven, still beckoning the church onward, not to simply be pre- occupied with the afterlife—though important—but to become representatives and ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. His voice continues to challenge Christ-followers around the world to fulfill their destinies, as his message resounds through his landmark books, teaching series, video messages, and other media. 

Dr. Munroe’s Kingdom message is more crucial than ever for the church. In an hour of great turmoil, uncertainty, and upheaval, Christians need to fully step into their Kingdom purpose. It is not time for Christianity to try and model the behaviors of the surrounding culture, nor is it time for the church to be intimidated by the encroaching darkness and retreat into hiding. 

In fact, when this Kingdom message is abdicated and exchanged for a Gospel that focuses exclusively on making it to Heaven and eschatological prognostications that culminate in some global doomsday scenario, the world suffers from the absence of a Kingdom-minded church. The Kingdom message announces boldly and clearly, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1 ESV). How is this possible? Jesus made it clear: “behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21 KJV). 

These two Scriptures encapsulate the mandate of Dr. Munroe—to call people to “Arise and shine” in the midst of darkness, and to recognize that the light of God is within them, and upon them, because they carry the Kingdom of God! 

- Written by Larry Sparks, Publisher • Destiny Image


Christian Rafetto

  • He was a great teacher filled with the Spirit of God ; for every Word was directly from the Spirit , in power, as it touched me and transformed my believe in God to a level beyond my imagination.
    God bless Dr. Myles, his books are still a great inspiration to me.

    Vallauthan Subraminam on

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