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An Anointed Resource for Fighting Back

Hakeem Collins

I was in a prophetic conference in the fall of 2017 and was asked by the senior pastor to share prophetically what God was saying to those in attendance. While prophesying over individuals, I came across a woman of God who was discerning and judging the prophetic word that was being released out of my mouth. I instantly knew that there was something peculiar, unique, and different about this woman. As I looked at her, I saw fire, a double-edged sword, and keys. I called Kathy DeGraw to the front to share a prophetic word with her, and I heard the Lord say that she was His battle-ax in the Spirit and that there is an anointing of deliverance and healing on her to set the captives free.

I began to prophesy that God was going to use her powerfully in the area of deliverance to teach, equip, and train believers in that realm. As we convened in the back office after the meeting, the pastor introduced us and she began to share that the prophetic word I released was accurate and that she in fact is called to the deliverance ministry.

We began to share on topics of the prophetic, deliverance, and the power of decrees, declarations, and proclamations. In this short period of time of getting to know her, there was a boldness, power, and presence of God when she spoke. What is impressive about her is that she carries a tremendous heart of compassion, love of the Father, and the wisdom of God. Kathy DeGraw has become an authority and seasoned expert on the subjects of deliverance, spiritual warfare, and prophetic healing. She carries a “breakers anointing” and pioneering apostolic grace to equip, train, educate, and raise up an army of breakthrough believers to advance the Kingdom of God here and now and to plunder the gates of hell.

In this revolutionary deliverance guide Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan, Kathy equips the body of Christ in warfare strategies, tactics, and biblical-based insight and principles to live victorious lives as Christian believers. This book is not just a book but a day-to-day, comprehensive study guide on the subject of deliverance. As you read chapter by chapter, you will begin to feel your spiritual armor being placed upon you in preparation for spiritual battle. The eyes of your understanding will be opened as you read this groundbreaking literature. This book gives you not only information but also impartation. There are practical strategies contained on the pages of this book that churches, ministries, leaders, and believers can embrace to encounter greater realms of breakthrough.

The book Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan helps believers understand that deliverance ministry is for today and that deliverance is the children’s bread (see Matthew 15:26). Kathy DeGraw challenges believers to stretch their faith to do the greater works like Jesus did when He was on the earth, while also breaking the spirit of ignorance off the believer’s mind. Jesus is building His church upon the rock of prophetic revelation, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (see Matthew 16:18).

This book will help believers to become a prevailing church and body that will dispel, dismantle, plunder, and destroy the works of darkness. The rules of engagement for spiritual warfare and deliverance outlined in this masterpiece will set you on the path to total freedom and liberty in the Spirit. Jesus came to set the captives free and to destroy the works of the devil—and this mandate is also for you too, the believer.

Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan should be a mandatory read for all leaders, taught in small group sessions and schools of ministry. I challenge and admonish leaders to teach these principles to their congregations. God is raising up breakthrough believers who are armed and dangerous for the King and His Kingdom. It is not enough to just know the Scriptures, we need to also know how to apply the principles and strategies to obtain abundant blessings, healing, and deliverance. I thought I knew much on the subject of deliverance and spiritual warfare, but this book by far is an eye-opener. I am now less ignorant of the enemy’s devices and have upgraded my knowledge of Kingdom technologies through truth in God’s Word on deliverance.

There are controversial topics prevalent today in the 21st century regarding deliverance, casting out demons, exorcism, healing, and miracles among Christian believers; yet, in fact, these were regular occurrences demonstrated in Jesus’ earthly ministry. Consequently, many Christians today face invisible and invincible barriers, restrictions, and attacks that cause them to live victimized and not victorious! Often times, they are facing much demonic oppression, depression, torment, and stress. True followers and disciples of Christ will not retreat but confront head-on the powers of darkness. Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan is a study guide for believers to access and utilize against demonic attacks, invisible strongholds, and resistance.

In this book by Kathy DeGraw is the spiritual warfare antidote and repellent against such demonic barrage. This book displays a powerful blueprint and template for personal victory in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step relational approach to spiritual warfare and deliverance. Kathy shares her wealth of experience in this area of spiritual warfare and deliverance because it is her passion to see many set free from the grips of the evil one, demonic strongholds, and to disarm the enemy by helping believers arm themselves with present-day truth on the subject of spiritual warfare.

The following is a sampling of the book’s many highlights and how Kathy’s dynamic message will assist you in fulfilling your God-given dream, no matter what obstacles you are currently facing. You will:

  • Possess freedom in Christ and then discover how to use your Kingdom authority to deliver others from the bands of wickedness!
  • Discover how to operate prophetic discernment and recognize
  • Discern unusual manifestations of darkness, such as generational curses, offense, bitterness, soul wounds, fear, and
  • Identify groups of demons; usually when one is cast out, it stirs other spirits harassing the individual.
  • Maintain your own personal deliverance; learn how to walk in sustained freedom, rather than falling back into reoccurring cycles of bondage and
  • Learn how to guard your soul and gates—the realm that demons specifically
  • Lead yourself and others into victory through a powerful action plan of
  • Break demonic allegiance, agreements, and curses to release and receive divine
  • Break off passivity and operate in the boldness of Christ to experience supernatural breakthroughs, for self and
  • Understand how to build an effective deliverance ministry and learn how to construct, train, and develop a deliverance
  • Identify demonic manifestations, signs, and symptoms of torment in others and remove demonic roadblocks and

Get ready to walk in the power of the Kingdom by exercising your spiritual authority in Christ. No more sitting on the sidelines of life allowing the enemy to rob you of what is rightfully and legally your inheritance in Him. You have been given authority over the works of the wicked one. Draw a line in the sand today as you read this anointed book, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan.

I highly recommend this book to those who are ready to be supernaturally transformed by the total freedom received in Jesus Christ through the finished work of the cross. Strap up your boots and get ready to push back and dispel darkness with the power of God!

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