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Tim Sheets: "Angel Armies"

One of the greatest benefits God has given His church and heirs is angel assistance. Understanding their valuable and present help, supervised by Holy Spirit and balanced by Scripture, is fascinating to say the least. It is vital information for the believer in order to live a victorious Christian life. For more than ten years Holy Spirit has led me on a journey revealing how angels assist born-again believers. As I have pondered scripture after scripture in the Old and New Testaments, I found myself saying often, “Why was I never taught this? Why didn’t I know this? How could I have been raised in church all my life and not know how Holy Spirit and His angels assist the church?” I began to realize that emphasizing this awesome biblical truth was a part of my assignment.

I will never forget the afternoon I was in prayer when Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “I will now lead the greatest move of God the world has ever seen. It will be similar to the outpouring on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter two.” Then He added something that I was not expecting. “This time I will be coming with more of the Angel Armies.” I knew He was revealing something to me that was so big, so important. Truly I was afraid to move. I simply sat by the lake where I was praying, thinking like Mary, mother of Jesus, saying from my heart, “Holy Spirit, show me what this means. Teach me. I’ll study, I’ll apply myself, but please show me what this means.” 

Holy Spirit, the awesome teacher Christ promised, began to teach me about angels. He led me through the Word, revealing the fifteen characteristics of an angel’s nature, showing me their personality profile. This was something I had never thought about. Then He showed me what angels do. I was amazed at the dozens of things angels do for us. The Scriptures are filled with them. One of my favorite things was discovering how angels are assigned to believers, helping them fulfill their destinies. They even reveal and help pull from us potential we didn’t even know God had put inside each one of us. It is an amazing fact—Angels have been briefed on your purpose from the day you were born!

One aspect of my study kept coming to the forefront. Angels are needed beings. God didn’t make angels just to see what they would do. He didn’t make them to just wander around the universe. No— they have great purpose. A part of that purpose is to assist the ministry of the church and the saints. I began to see that if the Godhead used angels to assist their ministry, and we see that often in the Scriptures, why then wouldn’t we need them to assist us? They are very needed beings. It was God’s idea to have them assist us. 

As Holy Spirit led me into this area of enlightenment, He gave me a statement I have quoted time and time again. On another day out at the lake, my favorite place to pray, Holy Spirit spoke this phrase of great hope to me: “The greatest days in church history are not in your past, they are in your present and your future!” 

God is coming as a vortex, similar to his coming at Pentecost. swirling mass of fiery anointing is coming like a whirlwind, accompanied by angelic activity, to God’s remnant warriors. The wind of God spinning like a tornado is drawing us into His presence. A vortex of Holy Spirit fire is drawing believers, absorbing them. Millions are going to feel it. A rush of excited, rapid change is about to happen—change in church as usual, change in the culture, and change in America. It will be a round of constant excitement and pleasure. The mighty wind turbines of heaven are creating a vortex, as a spinning wheel spins in the middle of another wheel. Ezekiel 1:16 talks about this. The voice of God is speaking out and is clearly being heard, a vortex of anointing, of wind, of fire—a vortex coming to change, excite, and amass power! 

- Tim Sheets, author of Angel Armies

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