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Bob Sorge Talks About Worship

Bob Sorge

My friend, Jeff Deyo, is the real deal. For him, the movements of the heart are more important than the reasoning of the mind. Relationship with God trumps religious rules. If it’s not God-breathed and God-inspired, it’s not a consideration. Jeff is a man of the Word and the Spirit who longs for authentic, wholehearted intimacy with Jesus.

I’m honored to call him my friend.

"Awakening" is not an incidental word in a title, but it is this book’s essential message. First, Jeff tells of his own awakening to true worship, especially during his years with Sonicflood. Then, he points the way to your awakening. He puts down markers in this book that, if followed, will awaken your heart to the thrill of intimate communion with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There is an awakening to worship. It’s possible to groove with the music and enjoy the delight of singing with throngs of believers but still not be awakened to true worship. The awakening of which I speak is a work of the Holy Spirit. It often comes in a moment of time, in an encounter with Jesus that becomes unforgettable.

I had such a moment, such an altar. I can tell you where I stood, in 1982, in Detroit, Michigan. I experienced Jesus in corporate worship like never before. The spark of the experience ignited my heart. Something was imprinted on my spirit. I was marked. Ruined. Never again could I return to the staid formalism of my past experience. I had to go forward. Even though I didn’t always pursue Him with perfect wisdom, my heart was awakened for more of Him and nothing was ever again the same.

Something like that happened to Jeff, too. You can read about it in his book. And a similar God encounter can happen for you.

I pray God uses this book as a tool in your own awakening. May your heart be marked with an insatiable desire for intimacy with Jesus that is true, spiritual, real, vibrant, and radiantly pure. May you be ruined for more of Him!

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