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Charles Slagle: "Love from the Father"

A Note from Charles Slagle: Almost thirty years ago as my wife, Paula, and I traveled across the country and around the world sharing the Gospel, Abba placed a treasured sister/friend/mentor in our lives. Her name was Carolyn Barnett, and she began to teach me how to really hear from the Heavenly Father.

Although I had grown up in a loving Christian home, the picture of God that had evolved in my life left much to be desired. On one hand I was taught that He was a God of love and compassion; on the other hand I somehow came to believe He was a taskmaster who could never be pleased.

And even though Paula and I were pouring our lives into ministry to others and seeing countless miracles of God’s power released, I, myself, lived in fear and brokenness—always feeling that somehow, no matter how hard I tried, in the end God would turn His back on me, condemning me forever, without hope of reprieve.

When Carolyn realized the personal grief and torment at the core of my life, she began to encourage me to give God the opportunity to reveal Himself to me in a new and intimate way.

“Sit down and listen, Charles; quiet your heart, and then write down what you even think the Father might be saying to you,” she encouraged. “Then give Him opportunity, and He will confirm that He really has spoken to you.”

When I began to do that, giving Him opportunity to share what He was really like, my life began to change. From those times of quiet revelation, I began to understand our Heavenly Father in ways I had never imagined. I’ve yet to hear an audible voice, but again and again confirmation has come, letting me know that it really was Abba sharing His heart, His perspective, His love with me.


“See, a king will reign in righteousness  and rulers will rule with justice. Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.” (Isaiah 32:1-2)

Devoted Disciple,

As I have promised, you will see the King reigning in glory! You will recognize the true reign of Christ when His anointed co-regents no longer strive and quibble about words, but walk in the power of Kingdom love. When hurting people can look to one of His followers as a mighty rock providing cool shade and protection, or as a stream springing forth in a parched desert, the reign of My Son will then be self-evident—unmistakably obvious and undeniable.

Now do you see why I have been allowing you these opportunities to show patience and forgiveness? I have been answering your prayers. Do you remember? I do. You have repeatedly prayed for love, unity, and cooperation among the members of our house, and, naturally, I have begun the work in you. As you are discovering, no one is more dedicated to the principle of “first things first” than I.

Cheer up! Despite your doubts, you are progressing better than you think. And bear in mind that your brothers and sisters are undergoing the very same training throughout the world. As I have told you, the Church and the world are on the brink of an unprecedented wave of My glory and power. Right now, i am preparing you and many others for mighty healing exploits that will bring great joy to people everywhere. Meanwhile, will you be patient with yourself? With others? And with Me? I AM!

Many thanks, Dad


- Charles Slagle, author of Abba Calling 


  • I would like to communicate with Charles and Paula. I’m a pastor friend from over 30 years past.

    wayne baldridge on
  • Very encouraging and timely, Thank you!

    Sonia Borisow on
  • Thank you for that encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.

    Lisa Mendenhall on
  • I needed the Valentine’s message. Thanks

    Tina Douglas on

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