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Dawa De Silva: "This is a powerfully uncommon book on inner healing!"

Dawna De Silva

I met Teresa Liebscher over twenty years ago. Little did I know that today we would be leading a worldwide inner-healing ministry bringing breakthrough to thousands across the globe. I have always felt Teresa had an important message on healing, so it excited me to finally get my hands on the manuscript for The Book of Healing.

Teresa has one of the most powerful personal stories of deliverance I have ever heard. Coming from years of abuse and trauma, she is a radical testimony to what can be achieved when stewarding an honest relationship with God.

Stewarding this honesty is what The Book of Healing: A Journey to Inner Healing Through the Book of Job is all about. Teresa finds wisdom and insight in Job’s story that many have failed to grasp entirely. Examining the story through an inner-healing lens, she puts forth the argument that the book of Job is not just about human suffering, but how processing suffering with God gained Job his breakthrough.

Books on inner-healing are common. Each fills a vital role. But this one brings intimacy with God (specifically friendship) to a new level. Speaking in a conversational tone, Teresa brings her readers on a journey—one that connects them to the Father—and seeks to help anchor Christians in seasons that may not feel safe.

Everyone has struggled through storms. Sometimes the greatest lesson is learning how to stand above them. Jesus demonstrated this in His dealing with the disciples. When everyone else was panicked, Jesus rested in the hold of the ship—fast asleep. It was only until the disciples woke Him and asked, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” that Jesus rose and commanded the storm, “Peace! Be still!” (see Mark 4:38-39).

Pastor Bill Johnson says that you will only have authority over the storms you can sleep through. Peace has to dwell first inside of our hearts in order to seep out to effect the world around us. Teresa shows us that an aspect of gaining inner peace is stewarding an honest relationship with God where any and all pain can be processed.

I appreciate Teresa’s willingness to dig deep into Job’s story and walk us through key moments before, during, and after his crisis. It allows the reader to be on the journey ourselves—watching Job process his fears while combatting his friends’ unhelpful advice.

If you’ve ever felt confused, mystified, or fearful about the book of Job, then consider Teresa’s insight as a safe and practical way to explore its hidden secrets. Teresa’s choice to use the Message translation puts the ancient dialect into contemporary English. The effect is both refreshing and illuminating. Passages that may have seemed dense or “too poetic” suddenly feel transparent and lucid.

I encourage you, whether you are on your own journey of inner-healing or not, to pick up a copy of this book. Allow it to inspire you to seek a closer and more personal relationship with the Lord. Without a close connection to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, there is no way we can stand against life’s storms and command them to “be still.”

Teresa has a masterpiece with The Book of Healing: A Journey to Inner Healing Through the Book of Job—one that could equip a generation to succeed where others have failed. I hope you enjoy it as you begin the journey of a lifetime.

Dawna De Silva, Co-founder of Bethel SOZO, Author of Shifting Atmospheres, Co-Author of SOZO.

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