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Defeating the Python Spirit

Kathy Degraw

I was in worship, and I heard the Lord say, “an atmospheric shift is being released.”  We are in a time and season of suddenlies.  God is opening the heavens for a big release and increase in this season and the next three months.  Things that were operating one way are now going to shift in your favor. 

The Lord is releasing a healing anointing upon this land.  Where sickness and disease plagued and bogged down Christians, He is releasing His healing power.  As they declare out against their spirit of infirmity they are going to experience supernatural miracles begin to manifest in their bodies.  It is time for my people to rely on my Son Jesus’ healing power and to receive the fullness of the cross. 

God says, there are many things I need you to do for the Kingdom, and I need your bodies whole, spirit, soul, and physical.

The Lord is rooting out and removing passivity.  The python spirit has been revealed and exposed in this hour.  The python spirit has come to choke the life out of my believers, and the Lord says no more.  What my people once thought was a period of stagnancy in their spiritual walk has been a demonic attack, an assignment of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy your destiny and prophetic words.  He says, “Your prophetic words will go forth, no more hindered or delayed.  Get ready; your destiny is releasing.”

The truth has been revealed.  The python spirit has come against you.  Now that the truth has been revealed the Lord says to activate on it.  Fight against what has been fighting against you.  War!  Declare!  Release!  Bind and restrict the devil in your life.  Get up and fight! 

He is opening the vaults of heaven.  He is getting ready to pour out upon you.  He revealed that prayerlessness has interrupted our connection to the Heavenly Father, but God is getting ready to raise up diligent intercessors and prayer warriors to tear down the walls of destruction built against My believers.

Break agreement with the demonic attacks with the python spirit operating over and through your life.  Destroy it!  Don’t settle for the laziness, complacency, passivity, and slothfulness that the enemy has sent against you.  Fight against it! Rise up and fight against it.  Break agreement with that which you have entertained that is unfruitful and unproductive to My Kingdom.  Repent!  Break agreement with that which holds you back from the fullness of God.  Break agreement with it, I said break agreement with it.

Take hold of that which took hold of you.  Receive the release and increase to have the ambition to persevere and pray.  Co-labor with the Holy Spirit through worship to receive the impartation I have for you.  Receive what I have because it is a season of increase and release.  The heavens are open, and the gifts and prophecies are poured out from the vault of heaven.

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