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Discover the Amazing Power of Ascension!

Chuck Pierce

This has been a season of boldly ascending through the door of Heaven. One of the most incredible blessings we can enjoy as followers of Jesus is the right to ascend into the Throne Room. Worship takes us through the steps of ascension into the heavenly realms. The Lord Jesus Christ then mediates our arrival into the Throne Room, where we have the incredible privilege of standing boldly before our holy God. As we ascend, we gain more and more revelation of who He is and what His will is for our lives on earth. Our access is possible because Jesus has paved the way and became the model of ascension for us. In fact, He gives us even greater access than Old Testament believers had, because He has ascended and sits at the right hand of the Father. Enthroned, by Jeff Jansen, will help you experience and understand the power of ascension.

When Jesus ascended, He gave gifts to humankind. Most know these gifts as the fivefold ministry gifts. I call them “ascension gifts” that govern earth. Jesus released these gifts to individuals on earth, so that we could maintain the strata. Without us ascending, we can never come into the fullness of the unity of these gifts or exercise the faith that overcomes the evil workings of the enemy within earth. Or put another way, we cannot enter into enthroned living and embrace His glory!

When the glory of God comes into our midst, things change! The norm is disrupted. I believe going from glory to glory is one of the hardest things we must overcome in Christianity. In this book, Jeff explains “mental metamorphoo.” In Ephesians 6:11, the Word of God instructs us to put on the whole armor of God that we might stand against the wiles, or scheming, of the devil.

In the Greek, the word “wiles” is methodeia and means “the method or trickery that lies in wait.” This is how religious spirits compete with and stop the next move of God’s glory on earth. When we do not want to move on and experience what God has for us today, we are tricked into thinking that what we have experienced in the past is good enough. Therefore, the glory of God begins to actually depart from us.

We find an example of this in First Samuel 4. The leadership and the people had fallen into such disarray that the Ark of the Lord was captured in battle. Phinehas’ wife said, during her laborious childbirth, “The glory has departed” (1 Sam. 4:21).

When we stop moving forward in worship, the awe, glory, and presence of God eventually leaves. This does not happen suddenly. Usually, it starts when we resist change, and the departure progresses over time. I believe we lose our desperation for God. We would rather not change, so we settle for a form of godliness rather than seek God Himself. We have to remember the principle in First Samuel 4. Israel had fallen into disarray because of an ungodly priesthood. This caused the glory of God to depart. However, we see that the presence of God lingered. The Ark of the Covenant of God represented His presence. Eventually, the Ark was captured by the enemy’s camp.

Likewise, we have access to the glory and the presence of God; yet because we do not recognize and honor His glory and presence in our midst, He allows Himself to be removed. But part of every believer’s spiritual inheritance is to live a “Heaven-on-earth” life. This life is not based on what we have done, but on our intimacy with Christ. In Enthroned, Jeff helps every believer gain a fresh perspective of how we are to truly live in the earth realm, and how this postures us to advance the Kingdom of God. Far too many complicate what it takes to live out our heavenly walk, but this book will help you understand that enthroned living is simply living Heaven on earth.

The word “enthroned” means, by implication, to “dwell.” Since God has come to enthrone Himself on our praises, the implication in the Hebrew is that God has come to stay or to dwell—even to marry. Where most translations of the Bible use the word “enthroned,” the King James Version says that God “inhabits” our praises. The different translations are not at odds with each other; they just express two dimensions of the same Hebrew word. God has chosen Zion—that place of continual praise—as His dwelling place; His resting place forever (see Ps. 132:13). David, by establishing continual praise in the tabernacle on Zion, provided a dwelling place for the Lord.

Today, God is rebuilding the tabernacle and rebuilding Zion in us, His people. Recently, the Lord showed me a plumb line coming down from Heaven. He is realigning His apostolic, prophetic troops on the earth and building a triumphant people who will display the glory of God. We are His dwelling place, His Throne Room. In us and in our praises God comes to dwell and to enthrone Himself. From that dwelling place, that chamber, God is drawing us out into apostolic worship in His larger world, to affect the issues in His Kingdom and bring in the harvest of the earth.

When we enthrone God on our praises, we facilitate the interaction between Heaven and earth. What we see in the Book of Revelation—God enthroned on the praises coming forth on His holy hill, Zion—becomes a reality on earth, with God enthroned on the praises coming forth from the earthly Zion, us.

In Heaven, they knew they were enthroning God on their praises and they knew what would happen when God was enthroned. Today, we know that God is enthroned on our praises, but I don’t believe we always understand what that means. Perhaps we have understood that we are enthroning God as the Lord of our own life, but we need to understand that God is taking up His authority over the world from His throne, on our praises. This is apostolic worship, when we enter into God’s governmental perspective in our praise.

In contrast, when the demonic powers in the heavens are worshipped by the people on earth, an unholy agreement between Heaven and earth is formed, and a throne of iniquity is established. Just as God is enthroned on the praises of His people, demons are enthroned wherever they are worshipped. Whoever is enthroned has the right and power to rule. This was the problem in Egypt, before the exodus. For Israel coming out of Egypt, it was necessary not just to break the power of the gods of Egypt but also to establish a new order of worship to the Lord. This was God’s intent from the beginning. This is why He said, “Let My people go that they might worship Me.” The nation could not be established in the Promised Land without the Lord being enthroned over them. Psalm 94:20 says that a throne of iniquity cannot be joined with God. The two cannot rule at the same time. Where God is enthroned by the praise and worship of His people, a throne of iniquity must fall. As God breaks us free from the powers of demonic forces, we must see that the key to becoming established in freedom is to worship God in a new way. From that worship, a new mindset is developed—both of who we were created to be and who created us. We carry our Creator’s DNA. Having His mind enables us to set our minds on things above and move beyond the methods and iniquitous patterns of the enemy; our minds can be transformed and renewed in order to ascend into enthroned living. This book you are reading has the potential to change your world. What Jeff shares will not only help you understand your authority in Christ, but also how to see Heaven and earth connected in your daily life. We are positioned in the Heavens, but we walk on earth (see Eph. 1–2). When we know our abiding place in the heavenlies, we walk with great confidence and faith. We go to war when the enemy tries to pull us out of that abiding place or block us from ascending to that abiding place in Christ.

Jeff Jansen helps you to not fear the end of an age, but to ascend and let hope and faith arise within you. God has a bright future for His people. Jeff makes you have a hunger for revival. Jesus came preaching and demonstrating the power of the Kingdom. This power has been in the earth over the past 2,000 years. Now, we are in an explosive growth and demonstration of this power.

Whether you adhere to a rapture theology or believe that the Kingdom has fully manifested in the earth, this book will help you understand the need for every generation to ascend, praise, and allow the Lord to be enthroned within them. Be willing to go up on a daily basis and experience the glory of God. As you read through this book, a hunger will arise within you to do just that.

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, C. Peter Wagner

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