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Do You Long For The Lord's Return?

Derek Prince

Throughout the many years I have studied the Scriptures, I never cease to be amazed at how practical God is. From even the most spiritual and heavenly themes in the Bible, a practical application always seems to emerge to help us apply biblical principles to our lives here on earth. The subject of Christ’s second coming is no different. In fact, my study of this topic has changed my entire attitude toward the coming of the Lord. 

The appearing of Christ and His ultimate return in glory is one of the greatest events foretold in the Bible. For centuries, it has been the subject of endless scrutiny, debate, and speculation. This topic should not be dealt with in a way that is abstract or theoretical, but rather, practically. Christ’s return affects us personally—including the way we live in the here and now. It is not simply an event to occur in the unknown future. Rather, the return of Jesus is a vital factor in our lives today.

The more I have studied, the more reality of the Lord’s return has intensified in its importance to me. When the Holy Spirit first impressed this theme upon me, it just lingered for a while in my mind. Over the years, I have seen this “lingering” as an indication that the Lord wanted to show me something deeper on a topic. Gradually, the return of Jesus Christ became the focus of deep meditation and study in the Scriptures, and that process eventually led me to some serious self-examination.

Ultimately, I realized that I was being confronted by one of the most important questions I would ever face: Am I truly longing for the Lord’s return? I will ask you the same question I felt the Lord asking me: Are you longing for His appearing?

Right now, you may feel as uncertain about your response to that question as I felt about mine! However, I believe that as you study the Lord’s return, a different answer will begin to take shape in your heart and mind—an answer that will change your outlook on life forever. There is no time like the present for us to begin longing for His appearing.

Derek Prince, author of Longing For His Appearing


  • I’ve found that the longer I exist, YES His appearance is the goal of
    my anticipation. Actually it’s the only reality worth looking forward

    ASC on
  • I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Life and my Savior!!

    Judith Farrell Doss on
  • I for one, is look forward to Jesus return. It will be a great day. An until He returns, We need to be studying the Bible. You can away learn something ever time you study the Bible.

    Anna M. Scholen on
  • Awesome and timely topic with a thought provoking question.

    Lisa on
  • Crave for ABBA on His second coming we will b able to live with Him eternally heleluiah

    Abhoy Pattnaik on

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