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Essential Keys for More Supernatural Encounters

Patricia Bootsma


Can you experience God on a continuous, daily basis? Is it even possible? Discover how Patricia Bootsma walks out her supernatural life. She says daily encounters belong in God’s family.

Patricia Bootsma has made it her life goal to walk in divine encounters—and she is gifted to mentor you to do the same!

Patricia’s book, A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters, is intended to empower you, and she focuses on three elements:

The Power of Prophecy: There are benefits, but you must learn the keys to discerning true vs. false prophecy, and the paths to operating in dreams, visions and prophetic encounters.

Living the Word of God: Activate the Scriptures through prayer and bring the written word to life. Your study will turn to joy!

Activating Empowered Prayer: There are different realms of prayer—soaking, prophetic decree, tongues, confession and petition. Understanding the difference makes the difference!

Why would you want to know these things? They are the ways to living in the Presence of God! You never have to leave.

Patricia Bootsma and her husband John are the senior associate pastors of Catch the Fire Toronto, where she is director of the Catch the Fire House of Prayer. Patricia ministers as a prophetic voice internationally helping others walk in passionate relationship with God.



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