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Ex-Devil Worshipper: "How to Fight Evil on Halloween"

In my first book, I told the story of how I was trained to be the third-ranked high priest of a Satanic cult in New York City—casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire spiritual regions. But what started as a long spiral into the underworld ended, thankfully, in a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ that changed the course of my life. I preach and speak from experiences that 99.9 percent of believers have never been exposed to. I’ve been in the enemy’s camp, and I’m a defector.

Inside the Mind of an Ex-Devil Worshiper

In the twenty-five years I served the dark side, we had a strategy and militant game plan to take over neighborhoods and regions, because if you can take over these territories you can paralyze the churches in the spirit realm. Most of our work was done during the night, when Christians were sleeping.

As a demonic high priest, at night I would leave my body and fly over neighborhoods, hurling taunts and curses down on the people who lived within their borders. Caught in the grip of strange dreams, I would feel myself being transported into different neighborhoods within the five boroughs of New York City. These out-of-body experiences (called astral projection) allowed me to have dominion over the communities. I felt diabolical, like a vampire, and I knew they had nothing on me. Sometimes I would even land and walk around the neighborhoods, bringing curses, bad luck, and the witchcraft aura.

Oddly, however, in some neighborhoods I met with strong resistance and at first couldn’t understand where the opposing power came from. In these neighborhoods, people were waiting for me to land. I prepared to curse the neighborhood, but when I landed a mob would chase me for blocks and I couldn’t curse them. Frustrated, I would fly off again, hovering as high as the streetlamps, and they would look up at me. Finally I realized these were the nasty Christians praying for their neighborhoods, their communities, their families—the prayers of the people I hated the most. Wherever these praying Christians lived, I couldn’t penetrate the neighborhood. I got in, but I couldn’t do the evil acts I had come to perform. So I would move on to the next neighborhood.

Halloween: A Demonic Masquerade

Halloween was when the strongest attacks would come out of the enemy’s camps because that is the devil’s holiday.

I believe the Church should rise up and do night vigils to destroy the witchcraft and diabolical rituals that go on throughout the night. These rituals are aimed toward the Church, to weaken us in the Spirit. So we need to stop celebrating “Harvest” and dressing up in costumes as biblical characters—that’s just trying to Christianize Halloween by putting Jesus’ name on it, which is not even biblical. Instead, we must be armed and fighting spiritually for our neighborhoods and those who don’t know Jesus.

Modern-Day Nehemiahs: Rebuilding the Walls

In a spiritual sense, praying believers are like the remnant of Israel that returned to Jerusalem with Nehemiah to rebuild the crumbling walls of the city. Today, I feel called to be a watchman on the wall to bring an alertness to the Church. It’s time to wake up and take over what the devil has stolen from us: Our neighborhoods, our communities, even the very state or country you live in. We need to take back these regions from the diabolical witches and warlocks that are operating under the radar.

The devil has brought down the spiritual walls of this country, and we as the Church need to start building up those spiritual walls like the Israelites did. What they did in the physical, we need to start doing in the spiritual. They all got together in one accord and unity, and each person decided to play a part together, building right next to each other. Scripture says they would build with one hand and hold a sword in the other hand, while the enemy—through Sanballat and Tobias—tried to discourage them and get them off their game plan so they could not accomplish the blessing of the Lord for their region.

The enemy tried to bring distraction and fear upon God’s chosen people, but the devil today has accomplished not only to bring down the walls, but he also has divided the Church. Where is the remnant today that will stand, under strong leadership like Nehemiah, and say NO! to the enemy and YES! to Jesus Christ?! We need to put ourselves and our own agendas to the side and get back together, united as one in Christ. We need to stop allowing the devil to divide us with names and titles and positions. The greatest title in the Kingdom is Servant. It’s time to pick up the towel, wrap it around our waist, and get to the battlefield.

- John Ramirez, author of Unmasking the Devil


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