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Heaven Come

Bethel Music


Bethel Music presents Heaven Come Conference 2018

The word "Bethel" in Scripture points to a place of divine intersection between Heaven and Earth—a place where the veil between two worlds is thin, and it's increasingly easy for those on Earth to encounter the One in Heaven.
If you are looking for a "Divine point of intersection" between Heaven and Earth, I encourage you to attend the Heaven Come Conference in Dallas TX this May.  Bethel Music, along with the Bethel Church ministry team, will be there to help lead you into a life-changing encounter with the manifest Presence of Jesus. 
More than ever, a planet gripped by crisis and chaos needs to know that GOD IS NEAR.  And I believe that His nearness is communicated and demonstrated through a people who LIVE in His Presence.

May 31–June 2
Verizon Theatre
Dallas, TX

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