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Impact the World Through Kingdom Culture!

Bill Johnson


Bill Johnson says wherever you go, the kingdom of God goes with you. Just focus on what the Father is doing, and live it!

Bill Johnson says you are an active participant in an historic move of God. And you can move with Him daily! Bill shares how from his own experiences, which include over 40 years of encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Bill urges you to open yourself to what the Father is doing around you. He says the life of Jesus shows that your everyday life is more supernatural than you imagine. You have a standing invitation from the Holy Spirit to join in!


  • Thank you Sid and Bill, May the Lord Keep blessing you, your families and ministry, you are a breath of fresh air in this world.
    Beatriz Britt

    Beatriz B. Britt on
  • I read Bills Hosting His Presence and others and I re read it in parts again and again. He has taught me to soak, worship allowing Him to pour into me and then going out to pour out all He has on others. I love living this way and I don’t feel complete any other way. My name means “follower of the Anointed One.” So I follow and have many warm testimonies of my own because I listened to Bills. Thank you Bill Johnson!!!

    Christine on

    FELIPE A. on
  • Hi thanks for sharing .I am watching from Nepal .I Really like Papa Bill message ..I love to join Bethel school one day …Thanks

    Baburam Paudel on

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