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Increasing Angelic Activity

Joshua Mills

I believe with all my heart that God wants to pour out a heavenly blessing in this day that will release the reality of His Glory Realms around us. Within those realms, He will introduce us to the supernatural dimension of the angelic and their compelling purpose for interacting within our lives.

Throughout the Scriptures we are encouraged to seek first the Kingdom realities of God. This means positioning ourselves for an understanding and revelation of the heavens. Throughout recorded history there has been miraculous angelic intervention among mankind. God’s ways are unchanging and His methods for pouring out His glory remain the same: He chooses to use angels along with willing vessels in order to release His blessings on the earth.

In our lives, my wife Janet and I have experienced a lot of angelic encounters in our home and in our ministry. And we know that such encounters are not only for us but for everyone. These Glory Realms are opening—not just for the older ones but for the younger ones. Not just for the younger ones but for the older ones. These Glory Realms are opening for everyone today—it’s for the entire body of Christ to walk in and begin experiencing the divine supernatural together. That is why I am so excited about Charity Virkler Kayembe and Joe Brock’s new book, Everyday Angels.

Interestingly enough, I first met Charity when we were both part of a short-term mission’s trip as teenagers. We became good friends and pen pals after we returned home. We lost touch over the years, and the Lord continued to work in both of our lives. Then, last fall, our paths suddenly crossed again when we were both ministering in some of the same churches throughout Europe. We reconnected and the Lord is again building strong bonds of friendship. So I was honored when she asked me to write a Foreword to her newest book on angels.

I love this book, because I believe in the validity of its message and I know that you will discover an impartation as you read the testimonies and the unfolding revelation. Janet and I could feel the presence of the Lord as we read through it page by page, and at times, we had to pause our reading in order to enjoy the encounter that God was bringing us into. I encourage you to do the same, as you enjoy both the written word and the spirit of this book.

Like Charity, I first encountered angels as a young child. While playing around the house or in the yard, there were spirit beings that I interacted with. My parents called them my “imaginary friends” because no one else could see them, but they were real to me. They played with me and they were my real friends. At church, another little girl and I would enjoy watching the angels flying around the sanctuary during worship.

Unfortunately, one of the adults overheard us talking about them and scolded us for making up stories and lying. “You can’t see angels,” they said. “They don’t fly around the church.” At that moment my child-like faith was stolen and that realm was shut down for me. I didn’t see angels again until much later in my life.

One night, in a dream, the Lord re-introduced me to this angelic realm and the three specific angels who are assigned to me. I learned their names and their ministry functions in my life. Like Charity’s angels, they appeared as men like me, only bigger, taller, stronger and more powerful. Since that night, angels have been an important part of my life and ministry. I thank God that He has given His angels charge over us, that He has assigned His angels as messengers and servants to bring His purposes to the earth and in our lives.

God is still watching over His Word to perform it, and one of the ways He is doing it is through His ministry of angels. You will read several exciting accounts in Joe’s chapters of this book in which he shares some of his intercessory journeys where he was directed by the Lord to partner with angels to accomplish His purposes. Something I have learned is, there is always more to see in God. It doesn’t matter how much supernatural experience we’ve had in the past, God always wants to show us something new.

I’ve noticed a recent shift in the atmosphere, and it’s causing a greater flow of angelic activity within the earth than ever before. For that reason, I’ve begun teaching an ‘Angel School’ in various places around the world, because there is a moment of invitation that the Spirit of God is inviting us into. It is the cooperation of Heaven and earth, to bring forth God’s end-time purposes before the soon coming of Jesus Christ. We must become well-acquainted with these heavenly helpers.

I believe that this book has the ability to open you up to exciting new encounters within this heavenly realm, giving you scriptural guidelines and modern-day examples to follow! Charity and Joe will answer, biblically and authoritatively, just about any question you might have about angelic encounters, such as: Doesn’t interacting with angels detract from our relationship with Jesus? Why do we need angels if we have the Holy Spirit in us, on us, and with us? What about worshiping angels and satan as an angel of light? Aren’t we going to be deceived?

You will read many of God’s personal directives to Charity, reintroducing her to her angelic bodyguards and encouraging them to be friends. You will enjoy several of the conversations she has had with her angels, demonstrating their surprisingly fun and funny personalities as the relational beings God created.

Like Zechariah and Daniel, Jesus in the Gospels and John in Revelation, you will join with the angels God has assigned to partner with you to disciple nations and bring Heaven to earth. With strong biblical safeguards, you will be led step by step into the divine supernatural for yourself, activating you into your own personal experiences with the company of Heaven.

When God wants to send us a visitation in this day of the angelic realm from the Glory Realms of Heaven, we need to receive that which God is releasing. If God wants to send down angelic encounter, if God wants to release miracles, if God wants to release supernatural wonders—if He wants to release the essence of His Kingdom and His Presence—we need to receive what He is doing in this day because it is so big—it is so large—it is beyond that which we can contain.

I highly encourage you to read this book, as you open your mind and your heart to become acquainted with the Everyday Angels that God has given to you!

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