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Jeff Jansen: "Praises and Miracles"

We are in a season of the release of radical new anointings that brings with it great opportunities for spiritual advancement into the supernatural. We have fully crossed over the threshold in God’s timeline, and the glory of God is being revealed with fresh power and new demonstrations of the miraculous. It seems like the whole earth is groaning to see the “suddenlies” of God. Many around the world are desperate for a new move of God, and the Lord promises to fill all those who hunger and thirst for Him. Those who seek the new in this season will find the new, but we must rise into these higher levels of the glory of God.

Today there is a shift taking place in the church that will focus on Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. His roar will be heard and felt as a mighty vibration in the earth as it flows through an end-time army of God. This vibration of the Spirit will be recognized by every living thing on the earth as well as the rest of creation.

Revelation 19:6 refers to the “boom or sound of many pounding waves” and of a “roar of terrific and mighty peals of thunder” as a sound of corporate worship in heaven crying “Hallelujah!” In this season of time, the Body of Christ must learn how to synchronize earth with heaven. The best way to do this is simply do what heaven is doing on the earth. According to Revelation 19 there is a vast throng in heaven too large to be counted that releases a “mighty shout” and exclaims, “Hallelujah.” As this is done repeatedly in heaven it reaches a peak in the Throne Room and it sounds like a “roar.”

According to the Scriptures, it appears that the Throne Room is a violent, noisy, powerful place where flashes of lightning and rumblings are accompanied by clashes of thunder and the terrific roar of multitudes praising and shouting “Hallelujah!” Heaven is not for the faint of heart. It is a place of great dread and power!

I’ve been in meetings around the world where the greatest miracles that have taken place were in the high praise of God. No man can do by the working of a gift what God will do when He releases His glory from the Throne Room of heaven. I’ve seen those in wheelchairs stand up instantly, those on mats and cots in the United States and in third world countries raised up by the atmospheric power of heaven. This was the case in revival meetings we did at Great Faith Bible Church in Seoul, South Korea. Six thousand people attended the nightly meetings, and before we got within a city block of the church the glory of God could be felt in the air. It was electrifying! People would show up three to four hours early just to intercede for God to move. Each night we were so drunk in the Holy Ghost we would have to be escorted (practically carried) to the pastor’s office and then again onto the stage to minister because of the overwhelming cloud of glory that was in the atmosphere. Miracle after staggering miracle took place each night. People brought in on mats would walk out healed. Countless blind and deaf individuals were completely healed. Tumors dissolved and legs grew out all because of the atmospheric glory of God that hovered in and around the building. It was literally like a tangible cloud you could feel.

There is not a sickness or disease known to man that can maintain its force when the glory of God enters the atmosphere. Sickness is instantly driven out and demons must leave in the name of Jesus Christ. The earth shakes and quakes at the presence of the Lord. When resurrection life enters the room, the death causing all the peoples’ emotional and physical issues must leave.

The throne of God literally rests on the praises of His people. Remember, Psalm 22:3 says that God is enthroned upon the praises of Israel. What does that look like? When we begin to praise God with the understanding that He is the great King of heaven and we worship Him with this attitude and reality, the Scriptures say that His throne will literally be built upon or come to rest on top of those praises. Wherever the high praises of God are found on the earth is where the throne of God will rest. Wherever the throne of God is, the King is. Wherever the King is, there is a Kingdom. Wherever the Kingdom is, the angels are—and all of the resources of the government of that domain are present in reality as well. We become a gateway of the glory of God through which His Kingdom manifests.

When we are connected with heaven, we literally become a gateway for the supernatural to manifest around us. Heaven moves up and down upon us, releasing signs, wonders, and miracles with our cooperation. God is looking for an end-time army to arise with this revelation. And I fully believe we are that generation. There is a fresh sound being released from heaven with an incredible power and glory the world has never seen—and it’s falling on individuals who will bring it to the nations of the earth. This fresh sound is the same sound that ushered in the era of the early church. It is called the sound of a rushing mighty wind.

When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the early church in the upper room, it came as a sound from heaven like that of a rushing mighty wind that filled the entire room. Along with that sound appeared forked tongues of flames that burned on top of everyone’s heads. It was the return of the long-lost government of God that was finally being restored to the earth. The ushering in of that wind and fire has changed the world and impacted every generation to date. Holy Ghost revivals and reformations throughout church history have marked the return of the government of God to planet earth along with the impact and the influence it has had on commoners and kings of nations. That violent release of heaven formed and forged the early church, and in these last days we will see nothing less than the culmination of all those anointings poured out in a concentrated form upon an end-time army of God.

- Jeff Jansen, author of The Furious Sound of Glory



  • Love what you are saying! As a worship leader, I have experienced the sounds of heaven on a limited basis but am praying for more manifestations of signs and miracles. We are going to see it!

    Bernie Parker on
  • Amen! Amen! and Amen! What an exciting revelation…Come Lord Jesus, come!

    Debra on
  • Almighty God is always with us,Praise the Lord. Hallelujah In Jeremiah chapter 9 verse 24 God saith ….I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness,judgement,and righteousness,in the earth : for in these things I delight, saith the LORD. What is our expectation from Heavenly father Job clear our expectation in Job: 2 ; 10 Shall we receive good at the hand of God,and shall we not receive evil ?

  • Great message. I will enter His house with thanksgiving in my mouth, I will enter is court with praise … Aleluyah

    Nike on
  • God bless you for such an enlightment.

    Sylvia Okyere on

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