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Larry Sparks: "The Spirit's Outpouring"

God is speaking… always. He is looking for those who live tuned-in to what He is saying. Revival and transformation are not realities that God is holding back. According to Scripture, the Holy Spirit was poured out roughly 2000 years ago on the Day of Pentecost. We don’t need another outpouring from Heaven; we need an outpouring that flows out of the people of God! How will this take place?

Every year, Randy Clark, calls for a convergence of key leaders in the body of Christ—those who are giving voice to what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing in the Earth. Revival takes place when believers are awakened to their inheritance, power and authority in Christ. This is exactly what you can expect to experience at Voice of the Apostles (October 18-21 in Lancaster, PA; see details at voa2016.com). Each voice represented will call you into a new dimension of fulfilling your supernatural destiny in God.

Voice of the Apostles it not your typical Christian conference. It is a unique opportunity to join together with other believers of “like previous faith,” lean in, hear how God is moving in the hour in which we live, and learn how you can become a carrier of His movement. This year, you will hear revelatory messages from respected global leaders such as Randy Clark, Bill Johnson (Bethel Church), Mark Chironna (Church on the Living Edge), Will Hart (Iris Ministries), Leif Hetland, Joseph Garlington (Covenant Church of Pittsburg), Larry Randolph, and others. There will also be anointed and prophetic worship from Martin Smith, David Leach and Steve Swanson.

You can Register Here to claim your spot for this catalytic event!

God is Releasing Glory in the Darkness!

When the body of Christ converges, it’s always thrilling to hear the common word that’s resounding among God’s people. Even though there is darkness on the planet, great glory is rising upon the church. This is more than a hopeful thought; it is the prophetic destiny of every single believer. You have been commissioned to radiate God’s glory into the darkness!

It would be foolish for us to ignore the darkness that is encroaching upon the planet. Across the nations, we see evidences of this. We see this even taking place in our own backyard, perhaps now more than ever.

This is not a cause for despondency, though. The completely wrong approach would be to “hunker down” and simply get ready for Jesus to come back and rescue us out of the darkness. Could it be this is why we are not witnessing more miracles, especially in the Western world? God has called us to manifest His power; we, on the other hand, are waiting to be rescued. When we think our assignment on Earth is to be rescued, we will see no value to operating in the supernatural because why bring transformation to what God is going to get rid of anyway?

Regardless of your end-times theology, the fact remains: we, a people filled with the Holy Spirit, are still present on planet earth. While we are here, God has called us to occupy. He has called us to represent Jesus. He has called us to receive and release divine solutions. He has called us to be ambassadors of transformation, love and power, not to overthrow natural governments or political systems, but to overthrow the powers of darkness in heavenly realms. He has called us to see on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Rediscover Your Authority to Walk in Supernatural Power!

It is a privilege for Destiny Image to partner with Global Awakening for Voice of the Apostles, by releasing Randy Clark’s brand new book and curriculum, Authority to Heal, TWO MONTHS early (it is scheduled for official release in January 2017).

This will be exclusively available through Global Awakening:

Authority to Heal book and video study series available here

Yes, there is shaking going on in the Earth. There is chaos, crisis, and darkness. This should not cause us to retreat and hunker down; it should be our divine summons to rise up, use the authority of Christ in us, and take our place as Heaven’s vehicle of outpouring to a thirsty world.

Join us at Voice of the Apostles 2016 to receive a fresh impartation to fulfill this assignment! 

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