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Larry Sparks: "This is Us" and Honorable Fathers

Larry Sparks


PROPHETIC WORD: "The Lord is restoring honor to the fathers... and He is raising up honor-able fathers!"

While watching this week's This Is Us, the Holy Spirit gave me that word.

Why is it important?

Over the years, I've watched the DEMONIC EROSION of the image of the father as communicated through pop culture, entertainment and media.

Think about the "iconic" father figures of the last 30 years in media. Neanderthals. Bumbling idiots. Unfaithful.

Homer Simpson - The Simpsons (and really ANY "Adult" cartoon dad - American Dad, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, etc.)

Al Bundy - Married with Children

Modern Family... basically, every "father" figure.

The list goes on... and on.

But I sense a PROPHETIC SHIFT...

Friends, creation will cry out and give voice to what the Spirit of God is doing. Yes, even media and entertainment can CONFIRM a move of God... an emphasis that the Holy Spirit wants to place on the father once again.

He is restoring honor to the fathers, but He is also raising up honor-able fathers. Not perfect fathers - no such thing. Not flawless human beings - can't happen. But those who seek to be honorable. Those who LOVE like Jesus and thus model Him with their lives, even in their imperfections and flaws.

And with Jack in THIS IS US, we see a man who is obviously flawed and imperfect. He has issues and brokeness, yes. We all do. But there is such a sense of HONOR towards him. It doesn't mean we pretend away sin and problems; but it DOES mean we give honor to the order of the Lord.

Oh Lord, raise up fathers who LOVE their families.

Raise up fathers who HONOR their wives.

Yes, raise up the fathers and husbands who would look for the Kingdom assignments on their children and wives... and call them out.

Raise up prophet-fathers, who see with the eyes of the Spirit - they see the gifts and callings on each family member, and they would CALL those things out.

Dads, YOU prophesy to what God has invested in those He has ENTRUSTED to you!

Being a father is not about being some kind of controlling, "head of the household, do what I say or ELSE..." dictator. It's first about being a friend and servant of King Jesus. Everything else flows out of that sacred place, that glorious delight!

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