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Larry Sparks: "The True Force"

One thing I look for in the books we publish are messages that stir hunger and expectation for encounters with God.  One phrase I've been using recently when describing the Holy Spirit's movement is the Force of God.  It's not meant sound strange or New Age-y, as I understand the word "force" can have those connotations.  But when I say force, I am talking about a dynamic power that produces visible results.  In atmospheres of revival, awakening and outpouring, it's common for us to witness the evidence of the force of God at work.  The Holy Spirit touches human flesh and, in turn, the human flesh responds.  People weep, laugh, shake, fall down, etc.  This is not new phenomena.  Not only has it been characteristic throughout the two thousands year history of Holy Spirit awakening, but consider the countless Bible accounts where mankind collided with the "force" of God.  Something always happened.  Why?  He's God.  And when God touches man, man will respond. 

So I encourage you, even though these so-called "manifestations" may appear strange at times, celebrate the authentic movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  Manifestations of the Spirit are only distracting when we teach them as distracting; when we teach them as beautiful signs of the in-breaking of God and His Kingdom, distraction turns into celebration.  The "force" of God is not a distraction or sideshow; it is evidence that a Living Person is dwelling within us and in our midst!
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