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Jordan Rubin: "Opting Out"

In today’s day and age, we are pushing our bodies and our planet beyond the brink, asking them to function properly amidst tremendous environmental damage that we are inflicting on ourselves and the world around us. We expect more and provide less—much less. The nutrition our bodies need is simply not being supplied. Likewise, the nutrients in our soil are disappearing at an alarming rate. In an effort to put back what we’ve lost, we fortify our foods with a few synthetic “vitamins” and supply our soil with a few synthetic 'minerals.'

In order to combat the degenerating health of our bodies, we consume massive amounts of medications, including antibiotics, to “kill” the germs that medical scientists believe are causing diseases, but we weaken our already battered digestive tracts and immune systems. We use pesticides to kill the insects that agricultural scientists believe are destroying our crops, but our plants may be susceptible due to their weakened and hybridized state.

Today’s residents of Earth have been born into a system of degeneration that harms the planet and every person and creature alive. In order to see the transformation we desire, we must “opt out” of the modern systems of degeneration. We need to understand that our health and well-being depends on the daily decisions we make. Few people understand that our bodies as well as our land are degenerating rapidly, but the statistics are clear. Lets take the first step toward regeneration. Let’s join together to help the planet and its people 'heal thyself.'


Christian Rafetto

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