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Secrets of the Supernatural

Kevin L Zadai

“You met Jesus face to face?!” people ask.

“Yes!” I respond with excitement. Then, people usually want to know what Jesus looks like. It is the number-one question I get asked the instant people find out about my encounter with Him during my heavenly visitation. Well, His description is beyond words! I will at least try to describe Him. But first, let me tell you how it all started.

In 1992, I was scheduled to go in for a day surgery to remove my impacted wisdom teeth. In a prep room, I was sedated and told to count down from one hundred. I didn’t get very far before I became unconscious. Then, I was suddenly outside my body and standing beside the operating table, watching the surgeon and his two assistants work.

When I realized that I had passed on, I wanted to inform the doctor. It was to no avail. I could no longer communicate with the earthly realm. As I waited there in the operating room, I witnessed my body on the table begin to glow with a glistening white light, and suddenly my body was transformed into what looked like perfection to me. I resembled an angel. My face looked like mine but was so bright and perfect. I thought, I look beautiful. That was when I heard a man’s voice behind me say, “That’s what you look like to Me all the time!” I turned around, and that was when I saw Him.

Jesus was the most handsome King I had ever laid eyes on. He had a beautiful, full-length robe on and was about five feet ten inches tall. He had long hair that looked like a lion’s mane. His eyes were so deep and full of destiny. His presence demanded my attention as I stood there in adoration.

However, what Jesus looked like was not the most impactful thing about Him. I always steer people toward what He said to me! Are you ready to hear what Jesus taught me? He began to teach me how the supernatural realm works. He spoke of three primary principles…


1) Words are Important!

First, He taught me that words were of utmost importance to the operation of the realm of the supernatural. Jesus began to teach me with conviction about the use of my words. He explained how the supernatural realm responds to me when I speak by the Holy Spirit with an authority and faith born from the Spirit’s revelation, not my own understanding, producing what is called a faith rest.

The end result was that I could have what I said by the Holy Spirit, and this would always bring about my destiny. He taught me that I could have the perfect will of God all the time and that I should speak to my mountains without hesitation (see Mark 11:23-24). He even showed me that each one of my days was written in a book before one of them came to pass (Ps. 139:16). This was the main desire of the Holy Spirit—to pray out and accomplish my destiny from my written book in Heaven every day. He also reminded me that I would give an account for every idle word that came out of my mouth (see Matt. 12:36).


2) The Importance of Praying in Tongues

Second, Jesus taught me that the single most important thing that I could do to participate in the supernatural realm was to pray in tongues. This practice will take the limitations off your life as the Spirit brings liberty to any situation. You are praying out the mysteries of God when you yield to Him. The Holy Spirit reveals God’s heart to you (see 1 Cor. 2:9-15). You can increase this kind of praying without limit (see 1 Cor. 14:18). I was told that praying in tongues would lead me into situations where I would increase financially instead of decreasing; I would have appointments and not disappointments because there are no disappointments in Heaven. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit doesn’t know defeat, and I should yield to Him continually.

During this heavenly visitation, He took me to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and showed me how powerful my prayers were. As I prayed “in the Spirit” at His command, what looked like an atomic blast in the desert erupted. It sent a billowing fire upward. Jesus pointed out that it was not the “spectacular” mushroom cloud that made prayer effective when people pray, but the shockwave that moved along the ground that was causing everything to be moved out of the way. He told me that the shockwave was the supernatural, not the spectacular mushroom cloud that rose skyward. He let me know that the shockwaves were the effects of my supernatural prayers. He encouraged me to always believe that my prayers were effective and to never give up.


3) Yield to the Spirit's Work

Third, Jesus explained to me that the time is short and that I should yield to the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. We must allow the acceleration of the Holy Spirit’s training as a very important aspect to the operation in the supernatural realm. He explained that He used to have years and years to train people for what He had assigned for them to do. He used Moses as an example—he had 40 years training in Pharaoh’s court and then 40 years in the Midian desert as a shepherd. Jesus said that now it is days of training instead of the years that were available previously. He encouraged me to allow the acceleration of the Spirit’s training to be completed without hindrance on my part.

Jesus wanted me to know that everything I do in faith counts and is rewarded. He also told me that if I did something for someone in His name, I would be rewarded for it, even if it were just a cup of water. Everything is recorded and it is all rewarded! There is no loss in Him as we allow the ministry of Jesus to come forth.

To operate in the supernatural realm in the coming years, we must allow the Holy Spirit to do these three things in our midst. First, we must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to us! He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians that the eyes of their hearts would be enlightened (see Eph. 1:17-23). He prayed that a Spirit of wisdom and revelation would be on them.

Second, Jesus wants to visit us by His Spirit in a greater manner. It’s time for the next wave of visitation, and it will come after the revelation of Jesus comes forth through the Word and the Spirit coming together. Visitation needs to come forth in a stronger way.

And third, the result of revelation and visitation is habitation. This is where the Father and Jesus come to visit and decide to stay and make their abode with us (John 14:23). Then the glory rests! We are living in the most exciting times. The final harvest is coming in!

- Kevin Zadai, author of Praying from the Heavenly Realms


  • Thank you for this encouraging message.. It is full of great truth that we all know and believe, but your words strengthen and affirm what is there for us to believe and step into totally. Bless you!

    Barbara on
  • That message spoke to me deeply. Thank you for sharing.

    Merilyn on
  • Enjoyed the message and at 80 years old I am getting closer to going home. Thanks for sharing.

    Jo Ann on
  • Thank you for this beautiful message and the insight you shared!

    Cathy on
  • How can I get a Free copy of this Book it S Amazing

    Pamela on

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