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Take Your Relationship with Holy Spirit to the Next Level!

David Diga Hernandez


David Hernandez learned as a teen that the Holy Spirit wants to be sought. He learned about fellowship, power and friendship. David wants you to know your constant Companion.

The Holy Spirit Longs for Your Presence
Scripture offers much more than theology, and David Hernandez wants to take you on a journey only possible through relationship with the Holy Spirit.
The purpose of the Spirit is to know you and transform you. David says your encounters with the third Person of the Trinity are waiting!
He will help you discover:
  • Hidden Mysteries. Often there is no direct reference to the Holy Spirit in Scripture but you can learn to see His presence in its passages.
  • Fresh Revelation. Scripture helps you learn the Spirit’s unique characteristics AND how He wants to move in your life.
  • Supernatural Identity. The Spirit that raised Messiah Jesus from the dead is living in you, and this relates to who you are.
  • Kingdom Power. You can partner with the Spirit to release miracles as Jesus promised.
David says the first step is to realize He is waiting for you. The Holy Spirit wants to be known and to release His power!
David Diga Hernandez is an evangelist, healing minister, author and host to Encounter TV. He heads an international healing ministry based in Southern California.



  • Just reading what the writer who wrote about you! But to GOD be the Glory! Anyways it has so intrigued my interest.
    I’ve just got to learn more. So I’m interested and need A FRESH ANOINTING! AND KNOW THAT I KNOW! BUT out of this all, I WANT W I S D O M!
    IN JESUS NAME!!!!!

    Deborah on
  • This was very inspiring. I saw David on Sid Roth’s program. Very informative. Thank you and God bless.

    Teressa on

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