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The Answer is Jesus' Blood!

Sandra Kennedy

Throughout my years in ministry, I have repeatedly encountered people who are hungry for more of God— those who desperately want to quit “playing church” and BE the Church, who long for a closer, deeper relationship with the Lord, to worship and adore their heavenly Father in a new and vibrant way that is truly pleasing to Him.

They are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve this coveted goal.

However, there often seems to be something that blocks them from walking in the fullness of relationship with Him. It is as if something prohibits them from being totally free to worship and serve Him. It prevents them from partaking of all the blessings and benefits God has provided. It hinders them from living a lifestyle that fully expresses the Kingdom of God.

So what is hindering and blocking God’s people from rising to higher levels in their walk with God? It is the stain of sin that darkens the recesses of one’s heart. Despite the fact that they know they have repented before the Lord and their sins are forgiven, there is still this lingering shadow of darkness that prevents them from walking in the fullness of the marvelous light of His love and provisions.

If this describes you, then I have wonderful news—a message that will bring great freedom, peace, and wholeness if you will embrace it. It is the message of the cleansing, healing power of the Blood of Jesus!

When we speak about the Blood of Jesus, we are referring to something the Scriptures call precious. The precious blood of Jesus has the power to transcend the bonds of sin, sickness, and even death. It is the only power that can cleanse us and make us whole, free to walk in and enjoy God’s love. The power of the Blood is so miraculous that it will forever be the central theme of our praise and worship of the One who gave His life to redeem us and set us free.

The Blood of Jesus gives us access to a promise of new hope. It’s the hope to be cleansed, redeemed, set free, healed, delivered, and protected. It’s hope for a new life. It’s hope for obtaining all the precious promises of God through faith in Jesus. There is divine power in the Blood each and every time we apply it. Jesus shed His Blood at the Cross of Calvary to neutralize the power of sin, the power of sickness, and the power of death—all the demonic forces of hell. Thank God for the Blood!

No matter whether you are facing condemnation, guilt, the pain of past memories, sickness, or other difficult circumstances, the Blood of Jesus is the key to releasing God’s divine power. The Blood of Jesus is the solution to every problem you may encounter. You may have thought of reasons why God would not forgive, save, heal, or deliver you, but you can be sure of one thing—the Blood of Jesus took care of that! It’s all about the Blood!

A wonderful excitement fills my heart as I anticipate the moving of God’s Spirit in the hearts of those who will receive the truth about the cleansing, healing power of the Blood of Jesus. If you desire a closer relationship with the Father, walking in a higher calling, living in the hope of a better future, cleansed, healed, and free, cling to the blood of Jesus!

- Dr. Sandra Kennedy, author of The Cleansing, Healing Power of the Blood

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