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The Fingerprints of God


Astronomers and astrophysicists observe that all matter in the cosmos is currently accelerating away from itself in all directions. Imagine, if you will, dots marked on a balloon that is being inflated. As the balloon enlarges, the dots move away from each other. Similarly, as the fabric of space expands, everything moves further and further away from itself. In fact, it has been calculated that the universe is expanding at the rate of 68 kilometers per second. At this rate, the further away you observe, the more space there is that is expanding. This was first observed by Edwin Hubble, whose name is memorialized on the famous Hubble orbiting telescope. This means that at some point, the accumulative expansion of space is traveling faster than the speed of light itself, to the point that the light will never catch up with what we ever will be able to see. This is called an event horizon.

Like watching a movie played backward, if we reversed time and viewed the universe we would watch everything converge back to this single point in the universe. Scientists have called this the Big Bang, but in essence this is the Genesis account. When God said “Let there be light,” from that moment on, that burst of light, representing much more than energy being released in the visual spectrum, exploded in all directions, giving us the physical universe we observe to this day. Everything is expanding from one point, which argues strongly for a causality—God.

King David declares in Psalms 19:1-4:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.

We know that the vibration of God’s voice during creation was not a literal sound as defined by the audio spectrum that our ears normally can hear. In the beginning, the void of nothing held no medium for sound to travel through. And to this very day, there is no air in space to act as a pressure wave to carry the sound. That’s why I always laugh at the space adventure movies that feature jetlike spacecraft that roar through the cosmos with loud sound effects. Regardless, at that moment there was, of course, no human in existence to hear His voice. Interestingly, there were some sentient beings who observed this. In Job 38:7 we are told that when the foundations of the earth were laid the “morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy,” referring to the angelic host. What amazing music that must have been to provide a soundtrack for God’s creative acts. To more accurately describe this act of creation through the voice of God, it was the unleashing of the resonance of God’s will being imposed on the new reality of this dimension. All matter was called into existence and set vibrating with the essence of the energy that God put into the universe by His “voice.” This is the very demonstration of omnipotence. Hebrews 11:3 says: "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God."

So through the mechanism of creation we see demonstrated these “fingerprints of God” that argue His existence. Just like an artist is able to express their thoughts and feelings through their art, the awesomeness of God is revealed through His creation.


The Goldilocks Effect

From my youth and to this day, I still am in awe of the fact that the cosmos clearly runs like clockwork within an astounding number of extremely tightly balanced tolerances. This phenomena is called the “Goldilocks effect.” With my wife’s permission, I confess that I’ve often thought of calling her “Goldie” as she tends to be rather picky about things. Like the universe, there is a very narrow range of tolerance that is acceptable to her for how cold or hot her food and drink should be. The universe is vastly more exacting. According to the Goldilocks effect, if one factor or another is not within a certain narrow range (either too much or too little), the very existence of life and the universe itself cannot exist as we know it without these factors being “just right.” As science has advanced, this list of factors has continued to grow, so much so that it would take more “faith” to believe that there was not a Creator than to allow for this list to convince you that there had to be a divine intelligence behind it all.

An example of this is the cosmological constant, which addresses the delicate balance between the amount of matter and energy in the universe. Too much or too little would not allow for the cosmos and life itself, as we know it, to exist. In one case, all that is in the universe would fall back on itself. In the other case, there would not be enough to allow for stars and galaxies to form. In fact, this ratio is so narrow that one is forced to consider that there had to be an intelligence behind it all.

This fact was brought home to me when I attended a creation science seminar and the findings of an atheist cosmologist were presented. In this study, the amount of dark matter in the universe was calculated and consequently a significant conclusion was made. In the summary of this cosmologist’s findings, he stated that the measurement that was made was so precisely within an extremely narrow band of tolerance (not too much and not too little) that it indicated that there had to be a divine intelligence influencing this balance. Amazingly, as he could not bring himself to accept this possibility, he publicly stated that his empirical measurements must be wrong because, as an atheist, he was convinced that such a God did not exist!

Paul the apostle states in Romans 1:20: 

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead.

In my youth, the stars and all of creation spoke to me and I was convinced that there was a Creator. I also deduced that if one could get to know such a God, in His loving care, no matter where I was on the earth, He would watch over me and sustain me. And so I gave my heart to Him and have never since been disappointed throughout a lifetime experiencing the grand adventure of getting to know the King of the universe.

- Michael-David, author of The Frequency of the Supernatural


  • My head agrees with much of your commentary, but my heart attests to the faith that must be involved.

    AC on
  • I so enjoyed this, it solidified many of my own thoughts. Thank you.

    Rogena Deese on
  • Well said. If God were to hole his breath for one minute, creation would hiccup for sure. He is a great and mighty God – there is none like Him.

    Sally on
  • Great article, just like Michael- David As a young boy I would look up to the stars and know that there was a Creator. The whole of creation is fearfully and wonderfully made. We do well to reflect on these things.

    Dave Renehan on
  • Fascinating and brilliant! I also, the night I truly gave my life to God, gazed up at the starry host and knew that Whomever put those in place, had his eye on me and I wanted my whole life to be in the hands that created them!

    Jeana on

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