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Understanding Dreams as Revelation

Joe Ibojie


Experiencing dreams and visions is natural. In fact, they are part of your journey on earth. They are valuable survival tools in a world constantly distancing itself from God. I believe that dreaming is one sure way of receiving fresh mandate from Him. You need to hear God for yourself at a personal level.

Revelation is a result of intimacy with God. Revelatory “gifting” is the potential, or capability, to receive revelation from God. As Psalm 25:14 says, “The Lord confides in those who fear Him; He makes His covenant known to them.”

Only the Holy Spirit gives you a true and correct interpretation of dreams, visions, and mysteries of God. The true meaning of the parables, dreams, mysteries, and “the handwriting of God” are divinely “sealed”; therefore, magicians, enchanters, astrologers, and psychics cannot interpret or understand these revelations—only God. 

Dreams from God

True dreams come from God in the form of a parable language or illustrated stories—they are personalized encoded messages full of symbols expressing the mysteries of God. Because of the symbolism, dreams need interpretation for a proper understanding. Interpretation can come to the dreamer either spontaneously, after praying to God about the dream, or through a believer gifted in dream interpretation.

Many hesitate to discover the meaning of their dreams—even though it is biblical to do so. Dream interpretation should be a carefully guided effort because wrong interpretation can lead to bondage.

God uses unique-to-you language when communicating with you in dreams. He uses your life experiences, specific personal traits, and biblical examples. God also uses events in your life that no one knows about except Him. Therefore, a person gifted in dream interpretation can help with understanding, but correct interpretation must come from the dreamer because of the specific, individual features. Correct meaning always lies covertly deep within the spirit of the dreamer—hence a godly interpreter should never urge a dreamer! Don’t push interpretation on people; witness will light up from within the dreamer if interpretation is correct.

I believe that God speaks to everyone through dreams in one way or another. However, most people are unable to remember their dreams and therefore don’t appreciate their importance. Some claim that they do not dream at all, while others don’t know what to do with their many dreams. There is diversity in the gift functionality and the capacity to receive dreams.

Dream Events as Potential Circumstances

God gives you dreams so you can respond appropriately on earth to what He is doing in Heaven. The most important response to a dream is to pray for all its elements, events, and persons (both friends and perceived enemies). Pray even before gaining an understanding of the dream’s meaning. Next, record the dream and pay attention to what God might be saying to you—whether a warning, encouragement, or correction.

Misunderstandings or fears evoked by a dream are because the dreamer fails to realize that the dream events are potential circumstances—they are not inevitable. A dream that warns of danger is so you can avert the danger; a dream with good promises needs to be prayed through to reap the results. (Read: Amos 7: 1-3 & Daniel 4:24-37)

God also sends dreams and visions to ultimately align you with His plans—to lead you further into Christ. The purpose of dreams and visions is to break through your rational thought patterns to show you what more God has for you spiritually to hear and believe. (Read: Acts 16:6-10; Daniel 4:24-27).

There must be a willingness to obey what God says to you in dreams and visions so you can realize His overall end-time purposes. Some dreams have affected the entire destiny of humankind. Therefore, you should consider the relevance of your dreams beyond your immediate personal circumstances.

True dreams sent by God come in multimedia packages—a mixture of images, metaphors, similes, poems, dreams, and story lines during sleep. Dreams are received in the spirit and then translated into the mind for comprehension. Sanctifying your mind prepares it to receive dreams from your spirit without corruption, despite the background noise of world events.

A vision is the visual perception of revelation or supernatural occurrence through your spiritual eyes. Visions are often more real and more literal than dreams. You can receive a vision even when your mind is awake.

The Message of a Revelation

The message of a dream or vision can come in many ways or any gift of the Spirit can be imparted in a dream or vision: as prophecy (most common); a word of knowledge; a gift or discernment; a gift of healing; a gift of wisdom; or as a gift of interpretation. Solomon was given wisdom in a dream. God can radically rewrite your life through the dreams you receive.

Joe Ibojie, author of Understanding Your Revelations from God

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