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What the Bible and History Have to Say About Giants, Fallen Angels, and the Nephilim

Dennis Lindsay


Did dinosaurs exist? We know they did because their bones have been dug up and discovered around the world. But here is another question. Have tribes of human giants ever walked this Earth? Most modern-day scientists would say, “No, because no bones have ever been unearthed.” But is that true? Have bones of giants never been discovered?

Those who believe that the Bible is inspired by God’s Spirit can find that the Bible says there were lots of giants in ancient Israel and the surrounding nations. Early rabbinical sources also spoke of living giants. Trusted ancient historians wrote about the existence of giants.

Renowned early explorers who surveyed North and South America wrote in their journals about actually meeting giants. The Greek version of the Old Testament translated by rabbis 200 years before Christ (Septuagint) testifies of the biblical narrative about giants.

But did you know The New York Times and countless other reputable newspapers reported many discoveries of giants’ bones in the Americas? They wrote about archaeological digs and museums where giants were being displayed. That is until the 1950s. Then the giants disappeared. Yes, disappeared.

According to modern anthropologists and other scientists, there were never any giants because man evolved from smaller matter to larger matter— smaller beings to larger beings. Admitting that giants once roamed this Earth doesn’t fit their evolutionary theory of mankind.

Nevertheless, with all the documented reports of giant bones being dug up in the 19th and 20th centuries—the question is, where are they? Did museums, such as the Smithsonian, just dump the giant bones that had been brought to them? Over the last number of generations, skeletons that were once documented and reported in leading newspapers (copies of which can still be found on the Internet) and even scientific magazines and papers have either been removed from the museums or they’ve simply gone missing.

But if bones of giants really exist and have been found, would it not be reasonable to suppose that more bones will still be discovered in the ground? Even if this is true, if the bones are found on what is considered to be Federal or Native American tribal ground, they are still not available for research. According to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, a 1990 United States law, anyone who discovers ancient gravesite bones must turn them over to Native American tribes for reburial, on penalty of a prison term and/or a large fine. So any bones, even if they were centuries old, would belong to the Native American people. This could prevent further investigation or public disclosure of such discoveries.

Yet, there are other indications that provide additional weight to the existence of giants in centuries past. They are the vast and unfathomable number of megalithic structures found throughout the world. Megalith literally means “giant stone.” In the ancient cultures of the past, there are hundreds of sites with megalithic stone circles, walls and structures that date back several thousand years. The stonework is so massive and precise that even with the use of sophisticated modern technology, it would be almost impossible to duplicate.

The methods suggested by conventional archeology that enabled the ancients to move the gigantic blocks of stone in place—often many miles away from the quarry—are simply attempts to make some kind of sense of these giant architectural structures. Were these stone-cutters Neolithic Stone Age cavemen who used primitive tools? Or did this architectural intelligence come from some other source? We will investigate these megalithic structures, which are amazing enigmas of the past.

So we come to the question: Did giants have any involvement in the construction of the megalithic structures found in every part of the globe?

There are many credible sources and facts about giants—ancient and modern—collected from around the world for the last 4,000 years. These are worth exploring. Most important is that we investigate the significance of these giants to us in our generation. Their meaning is of extraordinary consequence to us today, to the future of our planet—and ourselves. For example, if giants once existed, could science bring their bones back to life?


During the last century, the world has become obsessed with UFOs, aliens, celestial beings and paranormal phenomena. It’s impossible to keep up with all the movies, TV shows, Internet video sightings and books on the subject. In section 2, we’ll tackle the subject of aliens, which would appear that the Bible reveals as fallen angels. How do these aliens connect with our study of giants, especially with what the Bible and ancient books say about them?

The first extraterrestrial film, “The Trip to the Moon” was created in 1902. The silent movie script included finding and capturing a lunar inhabitant. The first talking movie on aliens was released in 1951, and from then on, there has been no end to ghosts, goblins, giants, and aliens from outer space and the occult. Hollywood knows this subject is a big-time winner at the box office, so the film industry spends millions of dollars producing and promoting new alien movies.

However, the study of giants and aliens—the real ones—can give insight that you may not have known existed. This information will not come from some movie, but from the Bible and other ancient texts.

I am convinced the Bible brings to light the source of these mystifying megalithic structures found worldwide. It is worth studying “the sons of God” described in the Book of Genesis. Were they human beings or were they aliens from another world?

And what are the differences in the thoughts and actions of good angels and bad angels? What specifically did the bad angels do? Does the Bible give any indication that these mysterious evil beings had a part in God’s decision to annihilate them in the Great Flood of Noah’s day? Could the danger they posed have been connected to Satan’s plan to completely corrupt the human race, and especially the Jewish people?

The truth about angels is unquestionably known through Scripture, but in searching these Scriptures, even people of faith may be challenged to reconsider preconceived ideas about angels and aliens.

The Nephilim

One of the greatest sins on Earth began with the desire to create super humans, which Charles Darwin and Adolf Hitler tried to do. They were believers in eugenics, which is the creation of a super race. Thus, in the name of evolutionary science, six million Jews were murdered to accomplish this “super race.” Through selective breeding experiments, Hitler isolated groups of people in order to create a “master race”—a biologically “pure race.” His final solution to purify mankind was known as the Holocaust.

Today, modern man has a fascination for super humans or super heroes who could be like gods—Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Transformers, Vampires and others, even though these are fiction. Yet, today, are you aware that genetic scientists are seriously working to create god-like humans? Science fiction or not, we are heading into a future of attempting to make a super god-like race.

So just who were the Nephilim (meaning the “fallen ones”) recorded in the Bible? Could they return into the world through genetic engineering? Is there a connection between the sons of God, fallen angels, giants and the Nephilim?

An intriguing phenomenon today is that the majority of scientists have bought into the theory of evolution. Therefore, they do not believe in the God of the Bible or the veracity of the Bible. They also do not believe in the Bible’s record of giants, evil spirits and such events as the Flood in Noah’s day. However, they boldly state they believe there are aliens “out there in space” and are spending untold amounts of money searching the heavens to make contact with those aliens.

These same scientists have unraveled the genetics of life and now are making hybrids of vegetables, fruit, animals and even reviving extinct species. The Human Genome Project (HGP) has unraveled human DNA. No doubt, it is just a matter of time before medical science will be splicing genes together to produce hybrids that are both mechanical and biological. We must be aware that the media industries, as well as secular universities, are consciously or unconsciously preparing today’s generation to receive and accept human hybrids and aliens. We will see that the Bible warns us against what will appear in the “last days” before Jesus’ return to Earth and the Judgment Day. A question we must explore is why Jesus emphasizes repeatedly that we must not be deceived in these last days. Whatever form the deception takes, we can be sure it will not be something simple that all believers will instantly identify. Genetic engineering will provide the way for genetic hybrids. 

Unfortunately, the dark side of this science is that it involves fallen angels and the coming deception associated with them. There is evidence pointing to the fact that it may not be long before the Nephilim return to Planet Earth. Satan, the adversary of the One True God and of whom the Bible states is the “god of this world” is still determined to destroy God’s creation and His plan of redemption. This is a fact that is clearly stated many times in the Bible. And just consider this: Jesus did not come to redeem hybrids—only humans. We must be alert and prepared for the great deception that is coming on the horizon as revealed in Revelation 12:8.

Where Does This Lead Us?

Understanding all of this actually helps us to understand what the Middle East conflict is all about and why Satan—and the world—loathe the Jews. The more deeply we study, the more insights we uncover as to why Satan has attempted to corrupt and destroy the seed of the Jewish people throughout history—the nation chosen to bring forth the Messiah, Who is the One Hope for the human race to receive Eternal Life.

My prayer is that your eyes will be opened to the invisible world, and you will become aware of the dangers that await civilization in the near future through the preternatural activity of Satan. If you’re already a Christian, this knowledge will help you to become a stronger member of the Armies of the Lord as Jesus prepares to return to Earth. It is He Who will destroy the kingdom of the god of this world and set up the Kingdom of God!


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  • I love the clear way you explain about this matter -

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  • Thank you for writing this! I have been following Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzulli and Steve Quayle and this topic is of great importance to the church today.

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  • Thank you for writing this! I have been following Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzulli and Steve Quayle and this topic is of great importance to the church today.

    Amy Johnson on
  • What are the major differences between, Fallen Angels and Demons? Are there real giants in the whole today?

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