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Bill Johnson Talks About His Next Book: "Why I Wrote 'The Way of Life'"

Bill Johnson

My first international ministry trips, which began in 1986, were with a dear friend of mine, Dale Harrison. We have had such great times together, bringing the message of the Kingdom of God to several nations. A few years ago, Dale came to visit. We talked and caught up a bit on what was happening in our families and ministry life. Then he said something that stuck with me. He told me that I didn’t realize how different the culture was at Bethel, but I needed to, and I needed to write about it in a book. I already had enough writing goals and assignments. I really didn’t want to add to what was in my heart to write. But the main reason for my resistance to the idea was I didn’t want to write about us. At all. Ever. But in all honesty, I couldn’t shake it. I called him several weeks later and asked him to repeat his idea to me, as I felt life on what he said. He did, and I began to ponder the uniqueness of our world and took notes on what might be helpful to the broader body of Christ. The Way of Life is the result.

As much as I know how, I have avoided making this book about Bethel without robbing you, the reader, of the insights and experiences that have shaped our world.

For years, I have called Bethel “the great experiment.” It really is, which means we succeed and fail. With that comes the privilege of learning what works and what doesn’t. And that approach to life and ministry is an ongoing process, which implies we have not arrived to an elite status at all. We face that painful reality on a regular basis. And yet there is something happening here that I have ached for for so many years. I’ve learned it can be taught and imparted.

We have had breakthroughs that were once only dreams. We’ve also had levels of impact that were never even in our dreams. We have had extreme favor, and we’ve had tremendous opposition. Both of these realities were new to us. All of that is to say we are in process. This book is my best attempt to speak of His great work of grace in us in a way that inspires unto hope, stirs up great faith, and releases an impartation for transformation. I offer this with the hope of seeing the full impact of the Gospel of the Kingdom on earth—in my lifetime. And if not mine, then in my children’s lifetime.

I pray that from reading this, you will experience a breakthrough that will mark the rest of your life.


  • I look forward to the day I will have the opportunity to attend one of your meetings. One day I will stand by the side of Jesus and shake your hands for allowing the Lord to use you this much on earth. You have being a great encouragement to me through my struggles. Everything you write or teach comes from the heart of the Lord. Thank you Bill. Thank you.

    Harriet Zamblera on
  • Thank you thank you thank you.
    The seeds you have sown from your own life has grown into trees of hope and inspiration in nations not flooded with Holy Spirit power and revelation.

    Sulia Kleynhans KLEYNHANS on
  • All of the Music and the Teaching is Holy Spirit filled, it is so refreshing. Pastor Bill’s teachings are impactful, transformational and so anointed with the Glory of God! I could listen for hours. The music is anointed, and it ushers you into the presence of God. Praise God for this presence of Jesus on earth.

    Dr. Fannie Finney on
  • When we serve God’s purpose in faithfull obedience to the call on our lives we impact our culture. Bill Johnson is such a person. He reminds me of servants like John Wimber who valued the Kingdom culture of signs and wonders and healing. Well done.Can’t wait to read the book,

    Johan Barnard on
  • The resonance of frequency of horizontal language is increasing as Heaven pours out revival towards the Church and it’s people. The Horizontal axis is time. Faith and fidelity are coming forth with divine persuasion; proper persuasion to produce the resonance of a divine spark that has set the click advancing in our genereation. Bethel has taught us 1 John 5:4 the yielded believer the persuasion of God’s will is being birthed so as to know what He prefers. Keep the wick trimmed and be ready! Bless you Bethel Family I have grown towards God’s destiny for myself and healed of wounds beyond comprehension and come into the fullness of measure! Excited to read your new material, Bill. Abundant Blessings over Bethel and the generations to come.

    Letitia Walker on

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