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You Can be Healed by His Blood!

Sandra Kennedy


Did you know that the same blood that cleanses us from sin also provides healing for your body? Sandra Kennedy proves you cannot separate the two. There’s real power in the blood of Jesus.

Are You Being Robbed, Or Cleansed? One of satan’s greatest strategies is to magnify a believer’s sins, while minimizing God’s forgiveness. To access the benefits of Jesus’ blood, you need to learn how to agree with every promise and provision that the Cross has made available to you. Otherwise, you are being robbed.

Dr. Sandra Kennedy teaches the power of the Cross. She clearly shows you your purchased rights to right standing with God, freedom from guilt and shame, all-sufficient healing, and victory over strongholds of sin and unbelief.

For all who long to live in the victory purchased by Jesus, Sandra’s book is for you. God’s forgiveness toward you has no limits, and His power knows no bounds. And satan knows it.

Dr. Sandra Kennedy is founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia. She has been teaching the principles of healing for over thirty years and is passionate about helping people learn to walk in health and wholeness. Sandra has been healed numerous times and has helped countless numbers of people receive their healing.



  • Thank you for the precious blood of Jesus who make me whole and open up a bright future for me and my family . He is our only hope to prosperity .

    Viliame Tagi Naveveula on
  • “Nothing but the blood of Jesus”

    Matt on

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