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Michael Koulianos: "The Holy Spirit's Favorite Subject"

June 28, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

There is not enough room in the universe to list all that the Holy Spirit does. He is the power that keeps what we know as life intact. H...read more

Derek Prince: "Why Tragedy?"

June 26, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Why do tragedies happen to God’s people, especially those who have lived an exemplary life of faith and service? If God is good, why is t...read more

Bob & Laura Larson: "Equipping Your Children for Spiritual Warfare"

June 22, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Most parents would throw themselves in front of a speeding locomotive, face down a charging bear, or rip apart a pack of dogs to protect ...read more

David Hoffbrand: "Restoring our Picture of Jesus"

June 16, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Have you ever been for a sight test? I’ve had pretty good eyesight for most of my life. Recently though, it’s been a struggle to see deta...read more

Myles Monroe: "Ladies, Few Things You Must Know Before Dating"

June 12, 2017  //  Christian Rafetto

Most people ask: “when is the right time to enter in a relationship?” Myles Munroe shares a few things about relationships to remind men...read more

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