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Applying the Kingdom

Applying the Kingdom

Myles Munroe

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you”(Matthew 6:33).

Applying the Kingdom provides important context to living an abundant life through absolute priority for the Kingdom of God. Pastor, author, and teacher Dr. Myles Munroe shares secrets of success through establishing Kingdom priorities in this, his third book in the “Kingdom” series.

Dr. Munroe hands you the keys to living a joyful and fulfilled life. Based on biblical principles, he thoroughly explains how the greatest:

  • tragedy in life is not death, but it is life without a purpose.
  • challenge in life is knowing what to do.
  • mistake in life is being busy but not effective.
  • failure in life is being successful in the wrong assignment.

Applying the Kingdom will bring a new sense of belonging to your spiritual, emotional, and physical life—apply the Kingdom principles today!

About Myles Munroe



Dr. Myles Munroe was a beloved statesman and internationally renowned bestselling author, lecturer, life coach, and government consultant. His legacy continues to impact the multitudes—individually launching people into lives of discovered purpose and unlocked potential, and corporately ushering the global church into a greater revelation of demonstrating the Kingdom of God. He, along with his wife, Ruth Ann, served as senior pastors of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship. They have two children, Charisa and Chairo.

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