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Awakening to Messiah

Awakening to Messiah

K.A. Schneider

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Discover the Jewish Jesus!

Teaching the Judaic roots of the Christian faith, fostering a deeper love for Yeshua, and sharing the Good News of Messiah with both Jew and Gentile.

In Awakening to Messiah, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider takes you on a personal journey, revealing how the Lord has appeared and has spoken to him over the past 30 years. You will vicariously experience some of the challenges he has faced as a Jewish believer in Messiah, including being kidnapped by a famous deprogrammer who hoped to destroy his faith in Jesus.

More importantly, he shares lessons that the Holy Spirit has taught him, causing you to both consider and confirm your own beliefs. In this true adventure, you will discover how the Old and New Testaments connect like a hand in a glove! 

About K.A. Schneider


Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider is a Jewish believer in Jesus. At the age of 20, the Lord appeared to him supernaturally as Jesus, the Messiah. He has since pastored, traveled as an evangelist, and served as rabbi of a messianic synagogue. Rabbi Schneider is host of “Discovering the Jewish Jesus,” shown on most major Christian television networks.

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