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Covenant Relationships

Covenant Relationships

Keith Asher Intrater

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This is a handbook on the biblical principles of integrity and loyalty. It lays important foundations for congregational health and right spiritual attitudes. Topics include relationships, the meaning of life, how a blood covenant works, financial accountability, and more!

About Keith Asher Intrater

Keith Asher Intrater is the pastor of El Shaddai, a Messianic Jewish congregation, and serves as principle of Montgomery County Covenant Academy, a Christian junior-senior high school. He holds a B.A. degree from Harvard College, an M.A. from Baltimore Hebrew College, and an M.M.S. from Messiah Yeshiva. Keith and his wife Betty live with their three children in Frederick, Maryland. His messages combine an emphasis on covenant relationships, word of faith, and a Jewish perspective of the Scriptures.

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