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Day I Was Crucified, The

Day I Was Crucified, The

Gene Edwards

Quite simply, one of the most powerful, moving pieces of Christian literature of modern times.

Other books have recorded the crucifixion and resurrection, but never before has the reader been ushered into unseen realms to witness the power of the cross as seen from the view of God the Father. You will discover a whole world of new meaning of Christ's death as you witness the destruction of the world systems, the annihilation of the law, the end of Adam's fallen race...and the death of Death. Here is an unequaled drama of power and depth which Christian literature has rarely, if ever, achieved.

Edward's The Day I Was Crucified As Told By Jesus the Christ now takes its place among the greatest of Christian literature. We will still be reading this book 200 years from now, and still weeping (and praising) as we read.

This is one of those rare life-transforming books.

About Gene Edwards


Gene Edwards is one of America's most beloved Christian storytellers. He has written over 35 books. He holds a B.A. in English literature and history from East Texas State University and an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Gene was for many years a pastor and evangelist. He continues to travel widely, teaching seminars on the deeper Christian life and on how to have house churches.


Website: geneedwards.com

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