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Ezekiel Generation, The

Ezekiel Generation, The

Grant Berry

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The Father’s Heart for Israel and the Church

You live in one of the most critical hours in human history… and G-d is calling you to participate!

For the body of Christ to be most effective in these last days, unity is essential. We all have key roles to play in the unfolding of G-d’s great agenda for history. Author Grant Berry is on a mission to help you find your place in this hour and see both Jew and Gentile unite to bring G-d’s end-time purposes to fruition.

In this critical book, you will discover:

  • Why it is so significant that Israel and the Church strengthens their relationship
  • The unique roles that Jews and Gentiles are purposed to play in the end times
  • G-d’s burning heart to release His Kingdom through a united people

This book is a challenge to the global body of Christ. Will we continue with business as usual, or will we embrace the glorious call to see G-d’s family restored in these last days?

About Grant Berry

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus and has founded Reconnecting Ministries. The organization has a particular focus on helping the Church to reconnect to Israel in the Spirit for end time purposes. For most of his life he has been an entrepreneur as well as a minister of the Gospel leading thousands of Jews and Gentiles to faith. He is married with three children and lives in New York.

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