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Joe Pileggi

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Be encouraged. Every fear you face has already been overcome!

When it comes to fear, God has some pretty specific directions on what you are supposed to do: Fear not!

God is serious about helping you become fearless. Some variation of the phrase, “Fear not” appears in the Bible at least 365 times. Fear is a serious issue as it holds you back from fulfilling the incredible calling God has on your life, and fear paralyzes you from enjoying abundant life in Christ.

In this 91-Day devotional, Joe Pileggi shows you from Scripture and personal experience how to exchange a lifestyle of fear for a lifestyle of encouragement, hope and peace.

About Joe Pileggi

Joe Pileggi was born and raised on a dairy farm in Upstate NY. He followed the leading of the Lord to Bible School, then pastoring in 3 states. Joe spent years struggling with depression, but was miraculously healed by God. He now spends his time teaching people to walk in the supernatural as directed in Scriptures, as well as travelling to spread the news of the gospel.

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