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Margie Fleurant

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There are visions and dreams within you... waiting to be released. You have an important destiny to fulfill and a Kingdom assignment to complete! So, what’s holding you back? Distraction.

In an age of unending technological advancements, daily stress, and constant spiritual static from the enemy, the Holy Spirit is calling you to focus. Margie Fleurant shows you how to do this… practicallyand powerfully.

This doesn’t necessarily mean going to a monastery or taking a spiritual retreat. God is actually looking for something else. He wants you to learn how to be spiritually focused while living in a distracted world.

Receive empowering tools to:

  • Identify and eliminate common distractions… and keep your focus centered on God
  • Train your spiritual senses to engage the unseen realm... and detect changes in spiritual atmospheres
  • Sharpen your ability to “tune in” to God… and speak prophetically with clarity and power
Focus protects you from those unfulfilling pursuits that are beneath your destiny in God. Learn to avoid the distractions, live mindful of your true identity, and experience eternal life... starting today!

About Margie Fleurant


Author, speaker, founder, and president of The River Ministries, Margie Fleurant speaks in the prophetic voice, challenging and building up the Body of Christ through keen biblical insights. Margie’s messages and books inspire and ignite a deeper passion for pursuing the presence of God. In them people discover how to study and meditate on Scripture in order to uncover a more vibrant faith and intimate prayer time with the Lord. All of her teachings are grounded on the timeless principles of the Word of God. She often teaches on how to hear and understand the heart of the Father and how to realize His desire to see His people fulfill their ordained purposes here on earth.

Prayer is the cornerstone of The River Ministries, and Margie has shared its importance with congregations throughout the United States and overseas. Margie is a woman who is uncompromisingly devoted to preaching the gospel message with authority and simplicity. The revelations she shares bring power and victory to people of faith no matter how long they have been on their spiritual journey. Traveling extensively as a keynote speaker, Margie uses the prophetic gifts God has given her to creatively share messages with youth and adults in relevant ways. She has been the main speaker at many churches, Women’s Conferences, Leadership Conferences, and Youth Conferences throughout the United States.

Margie graduated from Rhema Bible Training College in 1977 and is an ordained minister through Covenant Ministries International, Sayreville, New Jersey. She is also an ordained member of Faith Covenant Ministries. Margie and her husband, John, currently reside in New Jersey and have three grown children.

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