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From the Wilderness to the Miraculous

From the Wilderness to the Miraculous

Therese Marszalek

You Can Emerge Victoriously!

“After enduring a long-term season of intense suffering, I emerged miraculously and victoriously to lead a life of miracles!” writes minister and author Therese Marszalek. Her transformation from a wilderness journey to a miraculous life of destiny and fulfilled potential is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating.

You will persevere and welcome God’s life-changing work while you navigate your foreign, and often painful, wilderness territory. No longer will you try to escape your earthly wilderness sojourns, but you will embrace the One whose plan is to lead you out of all spiritual, physical, emotional, or economic uncertainty.

Through real-life experiences and a supernatural physical healing, you will learn that the real miracles are life-changing revelations of God’s love. You will also discover hidden treasures of the darkness that your loving Father has prepared especially for you.

Even when nothing makes sense, God is orchestrating His divine purpose for you in every season. As God brings issues from the depths of your heart to the surface, you have the opportunity at the end of each chapter to reflect and take steps toward hope and healing.

About Therese Marszalek

Therese is an ordained minister (MA Div) with a passion to bring hope and healing through Jesus Christ and His Word. Her personal experience of searching for Christian truth and longing for a more intimate relationship with Christ emits her contagious zeal for discipleship in the body of Christ. God has used Therese to inspire multitudes through television appearances, speaking ministry, and hundreds of articles in multi-denominational publications. Therese’s God inspired messages challenge people to walk closer to Christ and her genuine love for God and people breathe hope into the hopeless and encouragement into the weary. Known for her unconditional love, transparency and spiritual depth, Therese draws her audience to a place of vulnerability where God can do His greatest work of transformation. In addition to her book From the Wilderness to the Miraculous, her books include 40 Days Devotional Journal, 40 Days, Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People, and Miracles Still Happen.

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