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Gateway to Dreams

Gateway to Dreams

Teresa Ward

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Go Ahead… Take the Dream Dare Today!

In Gateway to Dreams, Teresa Ward presents an easy-to-read, quick-start guide to understanding your dreams. She will help you see dream interpretation from a fresh, balanced approach that might just change your opinion on the different ways God speaks today.
As you take the “dream dare” and start discovering what your dreams really mean, you will begin to find deeper meaning in your everyday life.
In Gateway to Dreams, you will:
  • Learn how to simplify and understand your dreams by using a simple 3-step process.
  • Discover how and why God speaks symbolically—not only in scripture and dreams—but also visions, trances and natural circumstances.
  • Gain peace, hope and insight for troubling dreams, such as nightmares and sexual dreams.
  • Find hidden treasures in your dreams—even from the dreams you don’t think have meaning.
  • Learn “Jedi Dream Tips” that will make your dream interpretation journey quicker and more fun!
Move past skepticism and religious legalism. Discover how to interpret dreams for yourself, unlock the hidden mysteries of God, and fulfill your destiny!

About Teresa Ward

Teresa Ward is the Founder of Above & Beyond and gatewaytodreams.com. She has documented and interpreted over 30,000 of her own dreams as well as thousands for others. Her goal is to help people connect with God and discover their spiritual destiny. She has two sons and lives in South Carolina.

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