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Get Over Yourself!

Get Over Yourself!

Jennifer Beckham

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Life is no fairy tale.

While working as a character actor for Disney, the author was rebuked: "Who ever asked you to feel? You were chosen to be a princess. Now go, wash your face, get a new attitude, put on your clothes, and go be Cinderella!"

Chosen to play the coveted role of "Disney Princess," author Jennifer Beckham knew she would find the acceptance and love she had been searching for all her life waiting there on top of that float, inside that magical carriage. Boy, was she wrong!

God wanted her to address a crippling tendency shared by many women - to get so stuck in the pain, the misery, and the heartaches of life that they never fully move on and into the purposes of God.

In Get Over Yourself, seven practical principles serve as your roadmap to get over your "self-issues" and into a life free from shame, regret, anger, and insecurity. You can:

• Get over the fickle feelings that hinder your faith.
• Get over insecurity and self-doubt that steal your freedom.
• Get over guilt, regret, and shame that plague your life.
• Get over the lingering pain of your past that keeps you hurting.
• Get over negative belief systems that influence destructive behavior.
• Get over debilitating thoughts that rule your life and wreck your day.
• Get over your lack of fulfillment and find purpose.

It s time to turn your pain into purpose; misery into ministry; and heartache into heartbeat.

About Jennifer Beckham

Jennifer Beckham is an anointed evangelist, popular conference speaker, and founder of Jennifer Beckham Ministries whose mission is to bring healing and restoration to generations looking for love in all the wrong places. She and her husband, Anthony, also a minister, live in Jacksonville, Florida, with their two children, Cole and Jordan Paige.

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