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God Understands Divorce

God Understands Divorce

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How to survive the life, death, and rebirth of marriage.

Forgiveness removes any walls between you and God. Forgiveness is vertical as well as horizontal. --Myles Munroe (excerpt from Single, Married, Separated, and Life After Divorce)

God Understands Divorce is a comprehensive compilation of real-life marriage situations that explain how quickly relationships can deteriorate, how to bring life back to terminally ill marriages--and how to let go.

Whether you are divorced or thinking about it, you will discover:

  • * How and why God understands divorce.
  • * How to cope and become refreshed and respected.
  • * A variety of real-life scenarios designed to change your perspective.
  • * An interactive, friendly conversation to help revive the best part of you.
  • * The eight steps to reconciliation.

Critical marital issues discussed include: Infidelity and Impotence; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; Personal Growth; Finances and Parenting; Personal Happiness; Intolerance, Physical and Emotional Abuse; Incompatibility.

God Understands Divorce brings you full circle--back into the loving arms of a loving God.