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God's Armorbearer Vol 3 Study Guide

God's Armorbearer Vol 3 Study Guide

Terry Nance

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Use Your Gifts to Bless Your Pastor and Church Family!

This companion to God's Armorbearer Volume 3, Running with Your Pastor's Vision is a vital tool in the God's Armorbearer series. Each lesson is written to help you explore ways you can get plugged into your local church, take Christ into your workplace, and become a blessing to the Body of Christ.

Terry Nance, author of the best-selling books God's Armorbearer Volumes 1 and 2, reaffirms that the local church is God's idea not man's. Filled with interesting insights and thought-provoking questions, this guide helps you identify your gifts and guides you in practical ways to empower your pastor, your church, and yourself.

God's Armorbearer Volume 3 Study Guide focuses on:

  • How to get out of the comfort zone and develop your gift zone.
  • How to become a Kingdom builder—not an empire builder.
  • How servanthood is the key to unlocking your destiny.

About Terry Nance


With more than forty years' experience in local church ministry, Terry Nance is the founder and president of Focus on the Harvest, Inc. He's traveled extensively for the past several years, awakening believers by helping them to discover their individual gifts and callings and to commit to the vision of their local church. Terry has authored three previous books, God's Armorbearer, volumes 1, 2, and 3. These best-selling books have motivated thousands of Christians to stand with their leaders in faithful service, helping them to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. In 2008, Terry and his wife, Kim, began Impact Church, a dynamic and growing multicultural body of believers in Sherwood, Arkansas. Terry and Kim have been married for over thirty years and live in Sherwood with their three children, McCall, Alex, and McKenna.

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