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Heaven's Symphony

Heaven's Symphony

Steve Swanson

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Worship is more than music…it is your invitation to a divine encounter! When you worship, more is going on than meets the eye. You take your place among a heavenly symphony that has been offering up praise since the dawn of time.

Discover how you were uniquely created for supernatural experiences in God’s presence—no matter who you are or what you have been designed to do! In fact, how you were made often reveals how God desires to encounter you.
The artist sees God in colors, shapes, visual contrasts, and dimensions.
The mathematician perceives Heaven’s activity in the precision and fluidity of measurements, movements, forces, proportions, and vectors.
The writer senses divine Presence in the poetry of perfectly selected words.

God has created you for an intimate encounter. Your distinct personality, talent, and destiny allows you to sense the different colors of His activity in your life and in the world.

Receive a fresh vision of your destiny, start seeing the supernatural activity of Heaven released through worship, and experience God in ways you never dreamed possible!

About Steve Swanson

Steve Swanson travels the world leading people in worship. He carries a powerful anointing that creates an atmosphere of breakthrough and allows worshipers to experience freedom, joy, and intimacy with the Lord. Since 1997, Steve has overseen Friends of the Bridegroom Worship Ministries, dedicated to releasing Kingdom creativity in worship and the arts. He has released 22 worship albums.

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