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Holy Spirit, the Promised One: Learning How to Grow and Work With the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the Promised One: Learning How to Grow and Work With the Holy Spirit

Frank Bailey

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"You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you..."(Acts 1:8).

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is critical in today's great outpouring, and this book defines every aspect of the Holy Spirit including:

  1. Who He is.
  2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Prayer language.
  4. The gifts of the Spirit.
  5. Reasons for speaking in tongues.

Pastor and author Frank Bailey believes that today is the beginning stage of what promises to be the greatest spiritual event in history—the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit spoken of by the prophets.

How can you prepare for this mighty move of the Holy Spirit which will usher in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth? By knowing the Holy Spirit in a very personal way.

"...how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them who ask Him!" (Luke 11:13).

About Frank Bailey

Frank Bailey grew up in Kodiak, Alaska. He attended college at Capernwray Bible School in Carnforth, England as well as Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Frank was the Palin campaign administrator for the successful 2006 primary and general election campaigns. Once elected, Frank became deputy director of the Palin/Parnell transition team and later director of the State of Alaska Office of Boards and Commissions. Frank currently lives in Anchorage with his wife Janeen and their two children. He manages their small family business and serves as the interim music director for Rabbit Creek Community Church. Frank's passions are his children and writing music.