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In the Wilderness

In the Wilderness

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Stop surviving and start thriving

“You are either leaving the wilderness, entering the wilderness, or are in the wilderness.” – Ron DiCianni

Have you experienced one of the following: The tragic loss of a loved one? Overwhelming financial hardship? A crippling diagnosis? Shattered dreams?

Where is God in the midst of it all? Closer than you think.

Using Biblical examples and relevant real-life stories, authors Ron DiCianni and Lance Wubbels encourage anyone at any stage of a wilderness experience. They remind you that complete reliance on God’s unfailing love and presence will take you from surviving a wilderness to thriving in it!

In the Wilderness gives you:

  • Encouragement through your season
  • Insight about the purpose, spiritual growth, and wisdom available in a wilderness
  • Power to emerge from the wilderness stronger than before

Everyone travels through the wilderness. This book empowers you to never give up and use the journey for growth and empowerment.