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Inside the Mind of an Ex-Devil Worshipper (Digital Download)

Inside the Mind of an Ex-Devil Worshipper (Digital Download)

John Ramirez


In the twenty-five years I served the dark side, we had a strategy and militant game plan to take over neighborhoods and regions, because if you can take over these territories you can paralyze the churches in the spirit realm. 

Now, as a defector to the Kingdom of God, I am compelled to write this as a watchman on the wall, alerting the Church of the battle that is raging. It’s time to wake up and take over what the devil has stolen from us.

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About John Ramirez


In every generation God has always displayed his awesome deliverance and transforming power. Evangelist John Ramirez is another example of God’s mighty power to set the captives free. In his testimony, Author and Speaker, John Ramirez tells his true life story of how he was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high ranking priest in New York City—casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire regions.

Raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood, he grew up despising his father for his careless disregard of his family. John learned to survive the cold, harsh streets of the South Bronx. Looking for love and validation, he eventually found it in a new “family” of witches and warlocks who groomed him to become a high priest in their occult religion. His plunge into the dark side reached a boiling point on the night he sold his soul to the devil in a diabolical, blood-soaked ritual.

With renewed fervor—and the mark of the beast now cut into his right arm—he actively recruited souls into this “unholy kingdom,” haunting the bars and clubs of NYC by night to find his next victims. John’s life continued on this dark path until God intervened through a miraculous, larger-than-life dream, revealing Himself for who He really is and literally snatching John back from the grips of hell.





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