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Jesus is our Goal: A Feature Message from Training for Harvest

Jesus is our Goal: A Feature Message from Training for Harvest

Heidi Baker
Rolland Baker

In this feature message, taken from Heidi and Rolland Baker's new book, Training for Harvest, discover how intimacy with Christ both defines and empowers our purpose as believers.

It seems that Jesus is the most unpopular and controversial person in the Church. We want miracles, we want theology, we want results, we want recognition; we want lots of things, but we don’t seem to be interested in Jesus. And yet, without Him none of these things are possible.

When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we come to understand that our mission and purpose in life is first and foremost about Jesus.

Discover Jesus afresh in this short but powerful interactive devotional.

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About Heidi Baker About Rolland Baker

About Heidi Baker

Heidi and Rolland Baker, founders and directors of Iris Ministries, have served as missionaries for more than thirty years to the world’s poorest people. They both earned PhD degrees at King’s College, University of London, where they planted a thriving church for the homeless. They have lived and ministered for many years in Mozambique. They also travel internationally, teaching about “passion and compassion” in the ministry of the gospel. They have written several books, including Always Enough, Expecting Miracles, and Learning to Love.

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