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Journey of a World Changer

Journey of a World Changer

Banning Liebscher

Transforming Yourself and Your World!

Mobilizing a new breed of revivalists living in intimacy with Jesus and moving in the supernatural to see culture shaped and nations transformed.

The heart of Journey of a World Changer is to see a generation walk out the daily life of a revivalist—to go deeper in the areas of devotion, discipleship, and activation. Whether you take this journey individually or with a small group, you will uncover intimacy with Jesus and walk in the supernatural power of God. The study questions, devotional time, and activations are designed for optimal, personal interaction. 

About Banning Liebscher


Banning Liebscher was on staff at Bethel Church (Redding, California) for 18 years and founded the ministry of Jesus Culture during that time. Jesus Culture, which started out as conference for youth and young adults has become a global movement of worship, events, and leadership development. Jesus Culture has released 29 albums and hosts numerous conferences and events around the world annually. As the vision of Jesus Culture grew, Banning and his family, along with the Jesus Culture team, relocated to the capital of California to start Jesus Culture Sacramento, a church committed to seeing believers encounter God, be empowered as world changers, and engage their city as leaders. Banning has been interviewed on media outlets including Relevant, The 700 Club, TBN, and CCM Magazine. Banning and his wife SeaJay, have three children.


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