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Message From God, A

Message From God, A

Retha McPherson

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God wants your entire life! Not just your heart,

People don't know or recognize the power of God anymore. ...but, I want to tell people that God still performs miracles today. He still talks to His children and He cannot stand lukewarm Christians. God wants your all; He wants your entire life! Not just your heart.
-Retha Mc Pherson

When Aldo McPherson was 12 years old, a car accident left him in a coma. While in the coma, he had a supernatural experience where he went to Heaven and saw God, the angels, Moses, and Abraham. Aldo came back with one message: Jesus is alive!

The book tells how God miraculously heals Aldo and how He continues to speak to Aldo today through the Holy Spirit. A Message From God will ignite the sparks of the Holy Spirit in your heart and bring you closer to God. Allow Aldo s story to touch your life he brought back a message especially for you!

About Retha McPherson

The mother of a son who was horribly injured in a car accident. Retha McPherson knows first hand the miraculous power of our Living God. She and her family founded the Retha McPherson Ministries, where her son's personal testimony of how REAL Jesus is, is being brought to the world. Retha, her husband Tinus and, and 2 sons live in South Africa.

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