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Mysterious Seed

Mysterious Seed

Bob Mumford

Germination & Growth of the Seed of Agape

Mysterious Seed is a compilation of more than 250 powerful daily devotional-size teachings designed to move you forward in your spiritual life. Rather than vague concepts and principles, well-known author Bob Mumford helps us to recognize, water and nourish the Seed that will grow within the serious believer.

The DNA of The Father s Seed will stand on its own to be
* Received
* Cultivated
* Nurtured
Coming to maturity within us.

The Thoughts and Questions at the end of each chapter provoke deep and inspiring introspection designed to encourage a more meaningful relationship between you and God the Father. You will also enjoy helpful diagrams and charts throughout that add depth of understanding to important concepts.

Mysterious Seed is an informational introduction to the spiritual reality of the Kingdom of God. It has been written with serious intentionality to take the confused and hungry believer into the realm of living in the Kingdom.

About Bob Mumford

Bob Mumford is a dynamic Bible teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God. Since 1954, thousands of Christians worldwide have attributed their spiritual growth and determination to follow Jesus Christ to his prophetic teaching, helping them understand Father God and His Kingdom. His numerous writings have been translated into many different languages. He can be reached at Lifechangers by calling 800-521-5676 or visiting www.lifechangers.org.

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