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Mystic Awakening

Mystic Awakening

Adrian Beale

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Unlock An Ancient Faith That Will Change Your Life… Today!
These are not far-fetched, new age experiences. They are your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ!
Get ready to tap into the supernatural realm that saints of old and forerunners of yesteryears have walked in for centuries. This is not new truth or extra-Biblical revelation—it is a transition to normal living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
Enoch. Abraham. Moses. Elijah. Elisha. These great patriarchs of old experienced God in ways that seem foreign and inaccessible today. Yet, because of Jesus, a New and Living Way was made so you could enjoy a new level of supernatural lifestyle that our ancestors longed to see and experience.
You will learn how to experience:
  • A deeper fellowship with God
  • The Holy Spirit’s voice with greater clarity
  • Supernatural encounters that produce spiritual maturity
  • The untapped power of speaking in tongues… from the Old Testament
The Mystic Awakening is coming to the body of Christ. Are you ready?

About Adrian Beale


Adrian has an ability to release the Spirit of Understanding so that congregations are awakened and enlivened to new levels of revelation. His prophetic teaching consistently releases his audience to experience new levels of kingdom truth.

He loves to interpret the voice of the Spirit in dreams, visions and supernatural phenomena whilst cementing his audiences on the word of God. He has ministered extensively in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

He is the co-author of the best- selling book, 'The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions' and author of 'The Mystic Awakening'.


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